2014 Saxxy Awards


Welp, time for the final four for each category to come in, while Valve try to decide which one is the best and make amusing blog posts about it all.

This year though, I am impressed. The entirety of the Action and Comedy sections were ALL ones I votes for (although Tidehunter’s Tactics had a needlessly long blank screen at the end). Very impressive. The Shorts were all very good as well. Surprised that the silly one-day-before-entering thing got nominated, but that’s what the people’s votes do. Drama wasn’t as bad as last year, thankfully with only one soppy FemScout, but none of them were really as interesting as anything from the other categories.

As for who I want to win? In Comedy, I really want Heavy’s Game to win, as it’s such a lovely spin on that little Pixar short, but Animation VS Animator would be an amazing choice too, as it was really well done and very amusing, it fits the category so well.

Action, I am totally torn, but I want Mann Swap to win, because it’s both actiony and funny. Alright, the voice acting isn’t the greatest, but the Sniper, Engineer and Medic were all done, the animation was solid and the music was used well. Also great logo. The Jewel Escapade was great too. There were a lot of heist videos, I noticed and this one stood out. It’s also by one of my favourite SFMers so there’s that.

For the Shorts category, TF2 in 60 seconds sums up the game perfectly and again is really well animated. Part of me wants “some guy challenged me…” to win, simply because that would be fucking hilarious. ┬áMann Co. Cup Classic was very good too.

Drama is rather tough, because the choices are wildly different. Sky Fortress is an automatic no because of FemScout and the mediocre, inconclusive ending. Tribute annoyed me because not much happened and it wasn’t so much as a tribute as Sniper just using a Spy’s knife, no mention of what happened and why or why they were even friends in the first place. Meet the Heroes: Pudge was okay, but Defect_ was probably the most original and probably the saddest of the lot, so good luck to Defect_.

But Wrench in the Works is so amazing that it should totally win best overall. It’s so good. The animations are amazing, the set is amazing, the custom stuff is bloody amazing. How much work went into making and animating all those machines and stuff? I’m certain it would have won last year had Valve accepted it being an hour late. Valve are late all the time but no, we can’t be late.

As for who will win? I can’t say.

Good luck to all of them though. No way I could do any of that.


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