What’s your favorite TF2 bug/glitch?

Medic: Ooooh goody! Haven’t had one of these for a while! Once, after an update, there was this weird glitch where all sounds were no longer working properly and you could walk through some props but not others. It was really weird. Didn’t last long, it was fixed within an hour.

Another funny glitch which I have only ever managed to do once is the Spectator Crossbow glitch, where switching to spectator after firing an arrow will make the arrow neutral and hurt anyone, regardless of team. It needed some really good timing to pull off though. Or a couple of keybinds. Whatever floats your boat.

This current glitch that allows you to equip primary weapons in every slot is amusing too. Useless on Medic but oh well.

Equipping primaries in any slot!
Picture by Dekky


Aabicus: Medic already mentioned the neutral crossbow one, that’s probably my favorite. But since she already took that one, instead I’d like to mention the glitch where the Beggar’s Bazooka will continue loading rockets and misfiring if you hold down m1 during Humiliation. I’ve only ever managed to kill anyone once with this glitch (not counting myself) but it was awesome. Who’s humiliated now?

Another great map bug I once experienced was on the beta rd_asteroid. One team scored 300 points through killing robots and won, getting their critacular humiliation time. Right in the middle of it, the losing team’s core returned and they reached 300, and then the other team got their humiliation! It was pretty funny, but newer versions of rd_asteroid have updated and fixed that one.

This one was quite fun too while it lasted.
This one was quite fun too while it lasted.


Dekky: The thing with the Disciplinary Action not registering hits on teammates. Me knowing about this gives me advantages over people who don’t. People who will soon find a speed-boosted riding crop in their face.


John Caveson: Tauntsliding.

Making my FPS drop to abysmal levels by spamming the Shred Alert Taunt over and over was a fun way to pass the time during setup.

RIP in pieces 2014


iGamr: Just about the only glitch I have any major experience with is the old exploit between Scream Fortresses 2012 and 2013 involving Ghost Fort’s spells. Due to the nature of Steam trading and the way in which the spells expired, smart people discovered that you could trade them to an account already in the game and quickly apply them to an item to make them stick for good instead of vanishing into the ether. Sure, only the paint spells worked, but they looked damn fine if you knew how to use them. I didn’t actually find out about it until June, roughly a month after grabbing the Soldier’s Stash of my dreams. A thread on SPUF was showing off how well they went with the Pyro’s lightbulb head, and the moment I saw that there was a yellow variant, I knew I needed to grab some for my Soldier gear.

Sadly, because of the limited supply of the spells at the time, I ended up blowing a total of around 42 keys on Halloween paint for my various Soldier cosmetics that got relegated to Full-Moon-only paint after that year’s Halloween party (along with a few other unannounced changes they made that pissed off the community something fierce, leaving those who had prepared to keep their spells without any spells at all). At least it makes for a somewhat interesting story, though.

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