Art Time with Medic – How to make a clay Medi Gun

Why clay? Because I have lots of clay right now. I recommend Paper Clay (I use a combination of FIMO paper clay and cheap paper clay from Thailand that I got in the nearest toystore). This isn’t too hard, but it does require patience as clay is a pain in the ass at times.

You will need:

Paper Clay – Depends on the size, I got my 500g block for €1.50. That should be plenty for anything small-scale.

Modelling tools – Cheap plastic ones are perfectly fine.

Something sharp – A box cutter is good, because we’ll need straight lines.

Wire – If you’re making this big, you WILL need to make a wireframe first.

Glue – In case it breaks

Paint and varnish – Optional

A gemstone – I used one for the glowy light. This is optional too.

So let’s go!


So this is our starting point. A lump of clay and some tools. Please excuse my filthy desk. Hot glue is hard to remove.


The trick with any sort of thing like this is to break it down into parts. Right now all we have is a bunch of balls and sausages (heh) but even like this, we have an idea what the shape will be.


This is the end of the Medi Gun. You want to make two spheres, one smaller than the other, and flatten them down to make cylinders.


After that, we need a fairly squat sausage shape, which is the neck of the Medi Gun. Once we’ve done that, we need to make a rounded square. Now, you can cut a cube shape out with your knife, but I prefer to make a cylinder and squish that into a cube shape, especially since this is more of a dice shape than a perfect cube.


The rest of the Medi Gun develops in the same way. The handle is made by pinching the edge of a sausage to form a point. The handle is made from a long sausage bent into a Π shape, then with a tiny sausage added afterwards. The body, where the handle connects to, is a second cylinder. Those little balls will attach the handle to the body.


You can now start stacking the pieces together. There are several ways you can do this: 1. use water to stick the bits together, 2. use a piece of wire like I did in the next picture or 3. wait until everything is dry then glue it together. But you’ll have to finish the body before you do number 3.


It’s starting to come together now. The wire is great because you can hold it in place. If the wire slips out, you can use a small amount of hot glue to keep everything together. Also, yes I am using a book to prop up my laptop. Just in case I spill my water.


The handle goes together really easily. Remember those 4 small balls from earlier? Press one on each side of the body, then press on the handle. Then press the two remaining balls on top to sandwich it all together.



Make a very very long sausage and wrap that around the barrel/neck/whatever. Alternatively you can use thin black ribbon once you’ve painted it. I used a little pink gemstone as a light, then pressed the lid of a pen into the end to make a hole-shape.

To paint this, wait until everything is 100% dry, then go over it in a grey. You then want to do the red/blue then add in the different shades.

Here’s something else I made earlier – a Skag from Borderlands.




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  • December 5, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    That’s so awesome!! So this type of clay just hardens on its own, without needing to fire it, right?


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