Why I like the Heavy

Now people might see me as crazy because liking Heavy is kinda hipster and cool in a way. Here are some reasons why I like the Heavy:

1. One of the best cap point defenders

Oh slow down there big man :P
Oh slow down there big guy 😛

Now some facts about the Heavy:

  1. He is tanky. Big time. With his normal healthpool of 300 and a whopping 450 hp when overhealed, Heavy becomes very good at absorbing damage.
  2. He has loads of hitscan bullets that hurt especially if too close to the barrel of death of the Minigun. With the potential 500 DPS Heavy is one of if not the best damage dealer of that range.
  3. He is so easy to use. Because of those two points, Heavy is very comfortable to use on certain situations such as off-classing in 6s and the backbone of the combo in HL alongside the Medic (who to be fair is always the backbone of the combo).

All of these things make him in my eyes useful in defending the last point in 6s. Especially in maps like Badlands and Granary where backcapping is very probable.

Now, Heavy is slow so he does not see much use in 6s outside of last point defense, but damn it he is good at it.

2. One of the best cart-pushers

As many of us has seen the phenomenon of five Heavies humping a payload cart into the victory, we see the potential of adding Heavy on a moving object faster than himself that can heal and give ammo as a very beneficial deal for both the payload cart and the Heavy. Indeed, from what I have seen Highlander games alongside with Scout and Soldier I have seen Heavy as very good at pushing the little cart forward and getting the blue team closer to victory.

3. My epic epilogue

Now this article might be little bit short, and that might disappoint you Heavy-mains out there. But because I don’t have much to expose about Heavy, nor have I not really mained the class, I can’t really give much stronger opinions than what I have already written. But these are my last words in this article:

Heavy needs lots more love from the players because he is good class. Although he is often easy, he is valuable and a niche class that can do certain stuff that the S-classes are reluctant to do.


Save the Heavies.


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