My Top 9 Favorite Team Fortress 2 Unlocks

Unlockable weapons. Team Fortress 2 has a LOT of them. And aside from the occasional overpowered(Machina, Baby Face’s Blaster, Darwin’s Danger Shield) or underpowered(Sun-on-a-Stick, Eviction Notice, Panic Attack) ones, most of them work really well. Heck, certain unlocks have even become synonymous with Stock, like Sandvich and Ubersaw, or completely change up a class’s playstyle, like Chargin’ Targe and Huntsman. To honor these excellent weapons, I thought it would be appropriate to list my 9 favorite Team Fortress 2 unlockable weapons. A few ground rules before we begin: 1. No Stock weapons, for obvious reasons 2. No reskins of existing… [Continue Reading]

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