TF2 Update – Map Workshop Beta

Hey, look, an update! With a blog post to go with it! It’s only been three months since we had the last announcement on the front page! Except that one was for the fricking Taunt workshop, and while that’s fun and all, we’ve not seen a single new taunt released. But now Valve have decided to one-up themselves while at the same time destroying the community-driven site by announcing a map workshop!

Oh god, this is actually a very scary image.
Oh god, this is actually a very scary image.

Yeah, a map workshop.

In beta.

It’s basically like the Garry’s Mod workshop. You find a map you like, you download it. If enough people download a map, then maybe Valve will make it an official map, which would end up being pointless because nigh everyone’s played on it. Hopefully the map maker will get some nice feedback and will be able to improve the map and make it good enough for Valve’s standards. You know, like cp_gullywash or cp_process! Or cp_junction! But not cp_snowplow.

Seems a tad late though, you know? We’ve only been wanting a map workshop since forever, but now that tf2maps has been established, it seems incredibly late. Like, reaaaaaaaaally late.

There’s a huge flaw in this plan, in which there’s no longer any community servers not running trade_plaza or cp_orange or achievement_idle to test these maps on. I don’t see Valve servers with these maps, oh no! Because they’re not official. Hopefully (there’s a lot of hopefullys in this article) Valve will set up some servers running these really nice community maps, but let’s not get our hopes up too much, eh?

Meanwhile, here’s a couple of my favourites: Sunshine, Airfield and Snowplow. There’s a lot of popular competitive maps up there.

Don’t forget to try it out and tell Valve about it! Because apparently, the TF2 team is incredibly appreciative of your feedback.




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