Why I love the pistol so much?

So yeah, it is me writing an article for once. Well, now I am going to tell you why the pistol in TF2 is one of my favorite weapons in the whole game.

Oh pistol, how I love you so.
Oh pistol, how I love you so.

1. It is reliable

One of the first things that can be noticed off of this thing is that it is very reliable. No matter if you are Scout or Engineer, you can get a lot of mileage out of this thing (the only problem regarding pistol for Engineer is not that it is bad but that it it overshadowed by many non-pistol side-grades such as the Wrangler, that 200 reserve ammo is always fun to have as opposed to the mere 36 reserve for Scout).

2. Good at taking down sentries

Yes, I know that it is not that great at taking down sentries. But as a tool for the Scout it is the best that you have on that regard when you have to go alone. Because damage-on-buildings has no falloff, if you happen to hit a sentry or dispenser or whatever, you will deal 15 damage to it. Useful damage if the Engineer is neither paying attention or is under heavy bombardment.

3. Good in 1v1s

While not as good as the shotgun or scattergun, the pistol certainly has its place in 1v1s. It can be used for instance to finish off an opponent who has been weakened by your scattergun/shotgun and, in the case of an Engy, a sentry. This gun is also very good at dispatching Medics when they are weakened.

Scout v Soldier. The victor can be only guessed.
Scout v Soldier. The victor can be only guessed at.

4. 12 shots

This is very significant, and goes well with the consistency argument. 12 quick shots with very fast reload means that you can give a lot of punishment to your enemies in a short period of time, provided you hit your shots and your enemy misses or you dodge well.


All in all, the pistol is one of the best sidearms in the game. For Scout it is one of the best ways to damage enemies that are too far from your “meatshot 8)”-range, and as an Engineer, it is a nifty tool to use while gunslingin’.

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