Damn I am good at SFM

Now that I am over praising myself, I want to talk about what I can and cannot do with Valve’s Source Filmmaker.

You’ve probably seen some of my SFM posters if you have been reading any of my blog posts not counting the Tetris one. I also sometimes post them into other threads but I usually post them into the Daily SPUF thread to keep it up-float. Here is a link to Imgur where I have most of my pictures. Also, below are some of my more recent ones as of writing this.

Heavy is scared by scout and his scattergun. For a good reason.
Heavy is scared by scout and his scattergun. For a good reason.
Don't worry, he's only electrocuted. He'll survive. I hope.
Don’t worry, he’s only electrocuted. He’ll survive. I hope.
Sniper's just laying on the sun. Being the most broken class takes a lot of power amirite?
Sniper’s just laying on the sun.¬†Being the most hated class on SPUF deserves a vacation because that means job well done.

Now, what I am not so good at is animating. If you happen to remember, I posted this onto the Daily SPUF thread. That was my pitiful attempt at a runcycle. But as I try to get better with SFM animation, so will my posters get a boost in quality.

The reason I cannot animate at all is because I do not know how to. There is no solid tutorial to that, you just have to learn. And yeah, that is also the case with making posters with SFM, but with posters, you do not have to care how the animation carries out or anything. You just put stuff into their place and they will look how they do. With SFM movies, you have to do so much more in order to make it look good.

So yeah, expect to see some better looking animations and posters in the future, and also, if you want a SFM picture into your Daily SPUF blog for instance, just add me and ask away. The only thing I require is to be credited and be given info about what you want it to be.

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