PAYDAY 2 is burning


Welp, Overkill have lost their minds. After weeks and weeks of grinding on the Road to Crimefest, some of which required grinding for challenges for entire weeks and some of which was only finished at the last minute, Overkill finally announced day 1 of Crimefest. Everything was promised to be free for the entire community. Except, well… it wasn’t. Woo boy what the fuck is going on? It all started off rather simple, with balance changes. Skewed ones which make shotguns shit and pistols amazing. Okay, that isn’t too bad. Then Overkill added weapon skins. Not just any weapon skins, but weapon skins that affect gameplay.

The concept is simple. Much like the contract system in CS:GO, you get cases safes. You

“Overkill turned from my favourite company to literally worse than EA in a matter of seconds. Must be some kind of record!” ShekelWanker says. And he’s right. This looks like a blatant money grab and nothing more. We’re way past End of the Line anger. We’re past Give Diretide anger. We’re passing Skyrim Paid Mods anger. The PAYDAY 2 community, which is a pretty damn big community, is fucking furious. Even people behind the game are angry. One of the voice actors appears to have given up completely, according to one source.

Even the weapon balances are dubious. You think they’d be great, right? As quoted from Daily Technomancer,

“Well it is, except the Payday 2 community has been asking for it for 2 years. There has been almost no balancing and the game has experienced a hilarious power-creep as new weapons build on the old ones.”

Doesn’t sound so great any more.

Now, maybe PAYDAY 2 is planning on going free to play. But THAT IS NO EXCUSE. You don’t tell your playerbase that this update will be free for everyone then on day one announce paid for only items that affect gameplay. You don’t bring pay-to-win items in at all! That’s what makes free to play games fail! That’s what makes loads of games fail!

The top thread on /r/payday/ goes to show how angry they all are.
The top thread on /r/payday/ goes to show how angry they all are.

I really don’t blame the community for being angry. They put up with the constant DLCs. They grinded their asses off during the road to Crimefest. They work together as a community to overcome the things Overkill throw at them. And what did they get in return?

Pay to win, game-changing cosmetics.

I mean, seriously. That’s just fucking stupid. And on top of that, day 2 only brought in a bunch of masks that no one likes.

Words cannot describe how the community feels right now.

PAYDAY 2, I sincerely apologize. I am sorry that the crap from CS:GO and Team Fortress 2 has utterly fucked over your game. I’m really, really sorry.


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