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Hi everyone, Phovos here. I’ve recently gotten back into playing Minecraft. I normally play in multiplayer servers, but I’ve been messing around with the Custom Map type, which allows you to create all sorts of craziness. This video is taken from a freshly created world and I thought you’d all like to see it. Of course, being a freshly made world, a lot of it is being generated on the fly. On my cheap laptop, it’s somewhat laggy, but a half-decent computer could probably run this world no problem.

This world is pretty weird, even when we ignore the vast amounts of rare ore everywhere. It brushes against the top of the world and has huge, rather thin mountains and floating islands, with seas of lava and the occasional water fall. The most interesting thing though is the existence of huge, rather square spires.

Weirdly, despite the vast amounts of iron and diamond, this is quite a hard world to live in. Most of the oceans are lava and there are dangerous falls everywhere. With such little flat space, you’re not going to see many structures on the surface, like villages, but strongholds still exist. The End and the Nether look pretty much the same, unfortunately.

The seed and code to create this world are available in the description below. If you want to see this world for yourself, simply create a new Custom World, go to Presets and copy and paste the World Generation Code in the text box at the top of the screen.

Thanks for watching, and sorry about the quality.

Seed: -1994163941

World generation code: {“coordinateScale”:1099.4084,”heightScale”:930.42255,”lowerLimitScale”:512.0,”upperLimitScale”:512.0,”depthNoiseScaleX”:493.71127,”depthNoiseScaleZ”:423.32394,”depthNoiseScaleExponent”:0.5,”mainNoiseScaleX”:141.8169,”mainNoiseScaleY”:247.42958,”mainNoiseScaleZ”:141.8169,”baseSize”:8.5,”stretchY”:24.300917,”biomeDepthWeight”:4.077465,”biomeDepthOffset”:1.9718311,”biomeScaleWeight”:4.4788733,”biomeScaleOffset”:3.2394366,”seaLevel”:86,”useCaves”:true,”useDungeons”:true,”dungeonChance”:100,”useStrongholds”:true,”useVillages”:true,”useMineShafts”:true,”useTemples”:true,”useMonuments”:true,”useRavines”:true,”useWaterLakes”:true,”waterLakeChance”:3,”useLavaLakes”:false,”lavaLakeChance”:80,”useLavaOceans”:true,”fixedBiome”:-1,”biomeSize”:1,”riverSize”:5,”dirtSize”:10,”dirtCount”:40,”dirtMinHeight”:0,”dirtMaxHeight”:256,”gravelSize”:1,”gravelCount”:10,”gravelMinHeight”:0,”gravelMaxHeight”:256,”graniteSize”:1,”graniteCount”:10,”graniteMinHeight”:0,”graniteMaxHeight”:255,”dioriteSize”:1,”dioriteCount”:10,”dioriteMinHeight”:0,”dioriteMaxHeight”:255,”andesiteSize”:1,”andesiteCount”:10,”andesiteMinHeight”:0,”andesiteMaxHeight”:255,”coalSize”:50,”coalCount”:40,”coalMinHeight”:0,”coalMaxHeight”:255,”ironSize”:50,”ironCount”:40,”ironMinHeight”:0,”ironMaxHeight”:255,”goldSize”:50,”goldCount”:40,”goldMinHeight”:0,”goldMaxHeight”:255,”redstoneSize”:50,”redstoneCount”:40,”redstoneMinHeight”:0,”redstoneMaxHeight”:255,”diamondSize”:50,”diamondCount”:40,”diamondMinHeight”:0,”diamondMaxHeight”:255,”lapisSize”:50,”lapisCount”:40,”lapisCenterHeight”:16,”lapisSpread”:16}

Awesome Minecraft world
Cool, right?


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