Overwatch: Genji

Y’know, that cyborg ninja whose brother Hanzo uses the Huntsman.

Jokes aside, Genji seems to be a hero focusing on high mobility, being able to double jump, climb walls and even swiftly move into any direction (which could even count as a far-reaching triple-jump) with his ability Swift Strike.

I should probably explain the basics of his attack and his abilities before talking of things like these.

Genji’s weapon is a bunch of shuriken, or throwing stars, always firing in either an accurate burst of three or in a fast-firing cone of three, thus allowing him to attack 8 times before having to reload with his 24 max loaded ammo. Each shuriken deals 28 damage on hit, double that for every headshot; A solid weapon if one can aim it pretty well with the bursts and you are also easily able to take down close enemies (or things like Reinhardt’s shield due to the large size) with the alt-fire.

Like some other heroes, Genji possesses a passive ability, his being called Cyber Agility, allowing him to double jump and wall-climb. This gives him insane mobility and makes it easier to ambush enemies as well as get away from unfortunate situations.

His first ability is Swift Strike, bound to Shift by default. It is a far-reaching melee attack in which you move towards the enemy within the blink of an eye, dealing 50 damage to anyone crossing your path, but despite it’s offensive capabilities, it can also be used for further mobility coupled with his passive, as you move towards the direction you are looking towards: This means you would move a long distance upwards if you look directly upwards and thus you can easily get up any cliffs, may it be either because of you wanting to get away from enemies or you having to get to the objective faster. Its cooldown of 8 seconds gets reset if you happen to land a kill with either Swift Strike or his ultimate.

His second ability is called Deflect: With a cooldown of 8 seconds and, as the name implies, the ability to deflect almost any incoming attack for 2 seconds, this ability proves to be rather strong, if not overpowered. Any attack coming from the front gets deflected towards your crosshair, allowing you to kill anyone shooting at you, given that the attack is reflectable in the first place. This is pretty devastating against players without quick reaction time or whose ultimate automatically shoots for them (like Reaper’s ultimate or McCree’s ultimate if drawn too long) as well as turrets constructed by Torbjörn.

His ultimate Dragonblade lasts for 8 seconds and allows you to melee enemies with a far-reaching melee swing every second, dealing 120 damage each swing. Besides having a very high reach for a melee attack, it also allows you to hit multiple enemies at once, allowing you to decimate enemies within seconds. You are able to use his abilities Swift Strike and Deflect during this time as well, and as I mentioned before, any kill with Dragonblade also resets the cooldown of Swift Strike.

All in all, I find Genji rather fun to play, even if he plays different than everyone else thanks to his increased mobility, but people who play Scout in TF2 should cope with him rather quickly. Other things I have learned by playing him are:

-95% of Play of the Games with him consist of him having used his ultimate in some way

-The Payload can be 0.00m away from the checkpoint

-I hate McCree’s

(I love how the PotG ends before I get destroyed by their McCree for the 100th time.)

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