A Shout-out to the Warframe Community

I bet regular readers of the Daily SPUF are sick and tired with the flurry of Warframe articles I’ve written lately, but after a game I played the other day, I feel a shoutout is required, to the Warframe Community, which, for a video game with both PVE and PVP experiences, is pretty unique.

The game in question was a mission on Venus. In Warframe, you get regular alerts offering various rewards, from rare components to mod-upgrading Endo to large amounts of credits, on top of quests and missions you do normally. They’d all have standard names, like Survival or Spy or Sabotage or whatever, but this one had a different name: Corpus Bust. It also offered 75,000 credits, which is way, way more than most normal alerts offer. No other extras, just 75K in pure, hard credits. I HAD to give this mission a go.

Turns out, one of the NPCs you can buy stuff from, good old Darvo, was missing, after having had a gigantic liquidation sale. Turns out the bad guys had caught up with him and were demanding payment, and he wanted us to meet him on Venus. The mission here was for us to protect Darvo from waves of Corpus debt collectors. 10 waves. Level 18-22, although I still don’t get what levels really signify. It was on Venus as well, and Venus missions are normally pretty easy. Not a problem, I thought.

I was wrong. This mission was filled with Hyenas, enemies that not only drain your energy (the stuff you use for your abilities), but completely and utterly screw with your HUD. So you can’t use your abilities, you can’t see how much health you have, you can’t see how much ammo you have and the edges of your screen are painful to look at. All I could do was jump around trying to fire as many bullets into the swarms of Corpus blokes, Shockwave Moas and stupid wall-climbing, HUD-scrambling, energy-eating, headache-inducing dogs that were everywhere. Me and two other guys, completely random, all scrambling around trying to protect Darvo, who would NOT stand still!

Eventually though, everything slowed down. There were no enemies left, but the wave hadn’t completed. Rather than getting annoyed, the three of us laughed and ran around looking for the missing enemies, some of which were stuck in doors, and others were just chilling in hallways.

We finally got to the last wave, and finally things turned around. The Debt Collectors themselves turned up, and we could FINALLY use our damn abilities. I used mine wisely, diving right into the middle of three of them and deploying my aoe electric stun, while my two team mates pumped them full of bullets.

We finished the mission, weary but triumphant, with 75K in our pockets. I apologised for being useless, but they said they didn’t mind, they were struggling too, despite being more experienced than me, and that I was fine, I carried my weight and I was fun to play with.

I then headed off to the Larunda Relay and sat around chatting with fellow frames, all way more beautiful than me, but none of them bothered by my lack of cosmetics or anything. We chatted for ages about all sorts of stuff. Oh and Darvo was back there, safe and sound.

Just an average day at the Larunda relay
Just an average day at the Larunda relay

It occurred to me after I closed Warframe for the day, just how amazingly nice the Warframe community is. I have 50 hours on Warframe so far (soon to increase!) and I have not had a single problem with other players, and the few instances I have seen in the region chat, moderators have kicked them right away. Every single experience I have had in Warframe in regards to the community has been amazing. From playing Rescue with fellow newbie Volts on Venus, to derping around with a Mag on Mars, to seeing an Ember burn everything and finish an Exterminate mission nearly immediately on Earth, it’s all been very pleasant.

I think the ONLY problem I’ve had was with someone who wanted to find the hidden caches on a Sabotage mission, while the rest of us were burning alive at Extraction waiting for him, and even then, he eventually apologised and rushed to extraction. Even the people who have had to carry me through missions on Pluto and Neptune have been friendly. It’s all been so lovely.

So, Warframe community, I would like to thank you all for being so nice. I’m a crap player, I constantly get lost, I only have one frame and MK1 weapons, I look absolutely horrible with my black and bright yellow/red character, but you’re all so damn kind. Even the TRADING part of the Warframe community is nice.

Give yourselves a pat on the back, Warframe community. You deserve it.

Later edit: Over 100 hours later and you’ve all still been 99% awesome. Not a single problem. You’re all amazing.



Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 45% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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