A Bored Little Volt

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Volt was bored.

He had been lounging around inside his Orbiter for several hours now, waiting for things to happen. Great things he had been told. Mysterious things. New things to do.

It wasn’t like Volt didn’t have things to do. He still had plenty of missions building up from across the Origin System, particularly on Jupiter, Europa and Pluto, but they were boring missions, mostly tedious missions that were often hard to do on his own, and Volt just wasn’t interested in doing them. There were other missions too. Invasions that he and other Tenno could stop. Void fissures that needed closing. Missions to stop the various ‘bosses’ of the Origin System from growing in power. Missions filled with stupidly powerful enemies that took an entire clip of his flamethrower to kill while only needing to shoot Volt once or twice to bring him to his stupid, square knees.

Plus, doing more of those missions meant going closer to that uncomfortable truth. The truth that Volt wasn’t actually an ugly metal and organic suit with cool lightning powers, but some stupid, ugly humanoid who spent all day in a chair telling said metal and organic suit what to do. A bratty female teenager telepathically controlling a nimble electric ninja from a chair in the back of a ship. It wasn’t that Volt didn’t like being unique. He knew there were tons of other Volts out there, each with their own fighting styles, weaponry, looks and even personalities. What bothered Volt was that he was just an empty shell. If he were to break, he would have to find a new Warframe and use that, but it would never be the same.

That trail of thought was annoying Volt.

Still unsure what to do with himself, Volt pulled out one of his Despair throwing blades and chucked it blindly at the infested door. The blade bounced off then dropped to the floor, too disgusted by the infestation’s existence to follow the laws of gravity. Then again, the gravity inside the Orbiter was artificial anyway. He glanced at a second throwing blade. It was hard to believe he had managed to get these off a (the?) Shadow Stalker who had tried to kill a random team mate. They weren’t even very good.

Something beeped. It was the Lotus, sending a message to all Tenno. A new alert. Somewhere Volt didn’t have access to. A shame. Volt though rarely felt like doing alerts, as they all just seemed to be random things sent by the Lotus. If there was an alert to help a settlement fight off some Grineer or something like that, Volt would have gone in an instant. But no, that wasn’t the case.

There was something else though. A smaller message. The infamous ‘red text’ messages. These always came from the Tenno Council. Who they were, Volt had no idea, but they clearly worked closely with the Lotus.

Suddenly, the Lotus popped up again.

“Tenno, something is going on…”

Volt jumped up with delight. Was this the big, great thing that everyone had been all excited about? Volt rushed over to the digital chat room, located next to his frequency scanner, where he could communicate with other Tenno. The chat was full of happy and confused people, wanting to know what was going on.

Finally, a message arrived in Volt’s inbox. A mission. A special mission. He hurried over to his Navigation and located the mission start on his map.

“Level 100”

Volt blinked and read it again. Yes, the enemies were that dangerous. The digital chat room was still filled with enthusiastic Tenno. Volt though glanced over to his arsenal, with his Ignis and his incomplete weapons. None of them would be able to deal with level 100 enemies. Not yet anyway.

With a defeated sigh, Volt closed the navigation and went to bed. The super special thing, whatever it was, could wait.


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