An Ode to Ordis

Operator, no, put that down. Don’t make me *kzt*KILL YOU*kzt* put you back in stasis! Operator, no! Operator, I’m talking to you! Get out of that Volt Warframe and… OPERATOR! NooOooooooOoooo! Operator! You’re making me *KZT*ANGRY*KZT* concerned! Operator, please, what are you doing? No! Unplug Volt from my mainframe right now! Stop it pl-*KZZZZT* Uploading… … Uploading, 10% Uploading, 13% Uploading, 42% Uploading, 69% Uploading, 70% Uploading, 99% … Upload Complete. DDR Initiated. Album Chosen. Altering Video Feeds. New Systems Activated. Playing New Feed. Volt, are you in? What the fuck have you done? MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY, VOLT. OPERATOR, I… [Continue Reading]

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