Last Goodbyes

Today, Monday the 5th of June 2017, is the day SPUF dies. No one will ever be able to post ever again. Today’s article contains the goodbye notes from various SPUFers throughout the ages, serving as a goodbye to the forum some of us have spent years posting on. For some SPUFers, it was just a place to hang out, for others, it was a source of inspiration, for others still, it was full of advice and nice, community things. Either way, SPUF was a great place and it’s a shame to see it go.

“SPUF had a good run and a huge impact on my life, it’s the reason I’m going to school for game design and many of the 500+ gaming articles I’ve published began as SPUF posts. This forum had a huge influence on my development and my career and I’m not sure where I’m going to spend my time now when I’m looking for a decent conversation about games” – Aabicus

“I came here, unknowing of the small community, to ask a question about damage vulnerability stacking with the Buffalo Steak and the GRU. I browsed the rest of the threads to see if there were any discussions I could join, eager to be a part of this new TF2 forum community I discovered, and so I stayed, and became a regular of SPUF. And now here I am, about 3 years later, saying goodbye to this place that I quickly grew to love when I first discovered it. I joined a little late to the party compared to some others, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is what happened in the time that I was here. I fell in love with our small yet hearty community, I was taught things about TF2 that I probably wouldn’t have learned otherwise, but more importantly than that, I made friends. When SPUF had first shut down with no notice, once it had dawned on me that it was actually shut down, my immediate thought was “How am I going to keep in touch with the friends I’ve made here? How will we all keep in touch together?” I’ll remember all of you, and I look forward to the times we’ll have on our new home at SubSPUF.” – TheOnlyGuyEver

“I will miss this place. It has brought me unbelievable amounts of entertainment, widened my perspective and has connected me to a great variety of personalities. Thanks y’all.” – Caldoran

“You know, it never really occurred to me that Valve would eventually pull the plug on this place. I guess you just take things for granted after so long. Some of SPUF’s most fun moments have probably been when we were productive. Stuff like community events or projects, a lot of which I’ve participated in myself. There’s been ups and downs, and a fair share of arguments and disagreements, but I certainly wouldn’t exchange the past seven or so years.” – Jay Dorris

“SPUF changed my life ever since I started actively posting in Hello! and opening up to everyone there. Considering the amount of time I spend communicating with people I met here, I have to say it’s one of the better things that has happened to me. 失敗した” – Hugthebed2

“SPUF to me is like a family. This community was the first once I actually felt like I was actually a part of it. Finally a place where I could actually contribute to discussion without fear, or being buried because of me thinking differently than the consensus. And not only that, this is one of those communities where I actually got friends. From Medic and Aabicus, to Caldoran and Poptarts to even Max and D4m0 (even though with the last poster my ties have been colder considering how differently we feel about this game and its balance etc). And not to forget some other awesome posters such as MeeM, Confusious, Davjo, and Corvette and such.

“And while in a lot of cases, the forum software used here can be quite primitive (cannot change date formatting (why cannot I change the site into 24-hour clocks), the censorship thing both adding colour-tags for every single pinkheart as well as it not recognising if a curse word is a part of a larger word, etc) but even that adds its own charm to this little forum.

“I am sad to see SPUF go, but we shan’t fall into despair just yet. With places like the Daily SPUF and subSPUF, this community can still remain binded together, even without the community being in the “Steam Users’ Forums”. But, I will still personally miss this forum. I just hope that most of you will come to SubSPUF so we can keep this community going. ” – Sham1

“I will miss this place. This was my first real online community, excepting the short time I spent on a Kingdom Hearts forum when I was 13 or whatever. I liked knowing it existed, even though I’d drift in and out and never really contribute anything useful. I mean, basically all of my friends for a long time came from here.

It pains me to realize I’ll never call someone a madbad who can’t WASD again.

Rest in Peace, SPUF.” – Rynjin

“I don’t even remember when I started posting on SPUF, it was before the F2P update at least. I’ve been around awhile, though sort of inactive in the last year. I had fun participating in the SPUF events when I could, and carrying the SPUF 4s steel team on my back. And the endless balance discussions (in which I was always right, btw).” – Kered13

“I really liked this place. This forum is the only reason I know 90% of the guys on my friends list. I met wondeful people and had a lot of fun. Helped Huff save Axes, got a lot of hats, saved Huff from Guy, complained about stuff, killed the ETF2L Heavy, talked about colored small horses, won a Saxxy, helped to make a thread about a song from the colored small horses show and helped create the Batcave (which you guys are welcome to join). Its a shame it has to go, but thats how things go in life. Things die and we cant keep living in the past, we got to gather our memories and make a better future. Thanks SPUF. It was an amazing 8 years we had.” – Guil13st

“I know, I know I’ve let you down…” – Gyokuyoutama

– Selbi

“SPUF was a community experience. We got to share opinions on update notes, discuss possible weapon ideas, and yes, even ♥♥♥♥post. It made us feel like we were part of something bigger than ourselves, if even by not that much, granted. It was a place where we could share our love for a great game, that despite Valve’s efforts, is still mostly a fun experience to this day. Thank you, SPUF, for the ipdate threads, the random crit threads, the good threads, and the bad threads. ” – TMNWG

“I originally signed up to ask for help with a game. After that I mostly just lurked on this forum for years, checking it every day, before deciding to become a “semi” regular. It’s surprising how quickly something can become important to you.” – Owels

“You know, I was maybe thinking of doing a quote, maybe from an anime or something. But I don’t really want to dig anything up, everyone already knew I was a filthy weebposter. And I’ll joke enough on the other threads, so I might as well be serious on one of them.

“This forum had a huge effect on my life for the past five years. I just wish it could have never ended. I hope that you all won’t forget the fun we had, because no singular user makes up a forum, but every poster comes together to make the site like it is. Even the ones I don’t agree with.

“I hope you all have fun on the other side.” – A 1970 Corvette

“I’d just like to say sorry everyone I’ve ever ticked off. d4m0, Jigglypuff, anybody… I don’t want bad blood between any of us. I’d love to play something with y’all, you know my steam name.. This was a great place to really just, talk about game design and ideas for me. To talk about balance… I know there’s spufpowered still, and I hope I see most of you over there. But losing this place hurts, I’ve checked SPUF on my phone daily for multiple years now, at least six… Already it feels weird. ” – TailsTheeFox

“I first started reading SPUF back in 2009, initially the Xbox 360 TF2 subforum and then I moved on to this forum when I got the PC version of the game the following year. These past seven years, all throughout my TF2 career, SPUF has been the first place I went to for news and discussions about the game. I always liked the fact that on this forum people generally write long and intelligent posts (for a video game forum), I really felt a lot of people here knew what they were talking about, and without too much ‘memeing’ (although that has definitely increased in recent years, I guess as the TF2 update frequency and quality went down). Of course this forum has its share of idiots too, and that’s one of the reasons why I never really posted much here myself. There’s some pretty pinkhearts people here and I don’t feel like being drawn into an argument with them, I learned a long time ago that arguing on the Internet rarely ends well, so I usually just bit my tongue. But I did always enjoy following the discussions, and fortunately there were a few people here often saying pretty much what I would have said anyway except better (caldoran, Sud and dontango among others).

“Even though I didn’t participate much myself I will still really miss this place, I can’t think of any other site where one can find so many experienced and knowledgeable players without having to wade through a sea of morons such as on SCUD or Reddit. I know TF2 is past its prime and that this forum is heavily outdated, but I somehow thought it would be around for at least a few more years. Sad to see it go. So long f=80, we had a good run.” – Mogh

“yall are pretty cool and even the people I’ve disagreed with/called morons to their face are still really nice people and I wish the absolute best to all of you. I really hope as many of you as possible move over to the new forum, whatever gets decided upon.

“Shoutouts to caldoran for always being right and explaining how and why in nerd essays galore while slamming noobs, max for being a friend, confusicus for always posting cool stuff, Stache (thanks for all the rep), poptarts for being cool even though you’re still annoying, dapple for being funny although you started making fun of me about a year ago so it got a bit harder to laugh at, medic for literally doing so much for this community, aabicus for also doing so much, corv for random ♥♥♥♥posts, gyoku for cool maths nerd ♥♥♥♥, bloodninja for literally getting me my first job, thurbo for making thoughtful and well written posts, theo for being a fellow demo main, meem for occasionally being funny as hell and not arguing for as potatoey positions on tf2 stuff as other funny people… there are so many people, I’m sorry if I forgot or didn’t mention you. edit: how did i forget blades

“oh and shoutout to lesmoore for giving me my only infraction for using an ‘offensive’ word rhetorically to argue my position, I doubt he still comes here but know i’ll always remember you as the most moronic forum moderator i’ve ever come across online ” – D4m0

“You’re dead that’s good amen.” – SomeoneElse quoting Soldier

“I come back after months and months of absence, only to find one of my old favorite internet hangouts is about to go. SPUF was not a huge part of my life, but I have memories over the years of this place. When I first joined SPUF back in 2009 or so. All the times we speculated on updates, and all the wonder and excitement. When we used to make silly games to pass the time before an update, or just for fun. Chesse20/lazerdog threads, The Medic’s forum games, and all the characters we had on here. The huge uproar over F2P, and outrage over the smallest things. But, we were all friends in a way. I might not post a lot here, but I’m gonna miss this place.” – IAMZESPY

“Not even ♥♥♥♥posting can save us now. I joined SPUF to talk about Portal 2 in the beginning and I started coming here after I started to play TF2. I even remember writing that now outdated (and long-winded) Medic guide. Honestly, I’m not ready to leave SPUF even though I spend most of the time lurking versus actually writing anything (of value to even begin with).” – SodaPopSimba

“It was great to share part of my life in these TF2 forums… Probably, the only real “community” I’ve been in… Cheers!” – PELUXA1

“I might not have commented much but I always been visiting these forums, even long after my interested in TF2 had died. All I can say is, Thanks everyone for the crazy and weird ♥♥♥ memories that I will never forget!” – Neo-Phoenix

“Hell, this account is around 5 years old. TF2 was my first “real” video game on the PC and it’s what got me into PC gaming. I guess 5 years is how long I can really say I’ve been a gamer, and it seems kind of short now. It’s a shame to lose this place, since it’s where I came to be who I am now, even if I haven’t really posted much anymore. Oh well. And to everyone here- bye.” – Super Malleo

“Well, it’s been fun while it lasted. I know we have more than half a month, but still, now that we have a date to end all, this is going to be awkward. I guess going to somewhere else to keep talking is not a good idea? But if it ever happens, let me know. I started in this forum as a stupid human being, then as a human being who put a lot of the forum against myself, then a human being who got a tad angry and serious, and finally got accepted (I want to think that). I wish this could go longer, but I guess nothing lasts forever. It’s been a pleasure.” – Zilkenian

“This forum was what kept me sane at times, was never really that social in high school and even now, sometimes this place would be the only interaction outside of my immediate family, everyone here was really accepting and when I was first starting out there was so much I was excited to talk and learn about, i lurked for a solid year before posting anything, people here have shaped pretty much all the thoughts on game design I still have today, I will miss every one of you. Except maxilliaws, he can go ♥♥♥♥ himself.” – Jigglypuff/Poptarts

“The old SPUF Pyro community was the greatest. The rest of SPUF was okay, I guess.” – Teleportalist

“I guess this is the Great Migration which ancient SPUFerians have predicted aeons ago… which doesn’t change the fact that this is indeed a sad day for SPUFers and lurkers alike. Live on, SPUFers, and may the itsurblog watch over you. “What a shame. It was a good forum. What a rotten way to get deleted.”” – Raivop

“Guess I can make my 2.5k post here. after sh**posting a lot to boost it. SPUF was one of the first internet communities I felt engaged in. My interest in SPUF eventually fell off and I moved on to reddit . Eventually, I lost interest in TF2 as well, though I still follow the game. The time I spent on SPUF coincided with the best times I’ve had in TF2 and though it may not be as fun as it used to be, TF2 still holds as the having one of the best communities and being the best game I’ve ever played. Thank you to SPUF and TF2 for the best times I’ve had.” – aw3s0m3m4n

“To think that I came joined over four years ago. Man, time flies fast. I remember when I got my first five-star thread, hosted my first events, and even got my first moderator role for the SPUFserver’s waning months. Damn good run I say.

“Just goes to show that you should always cherish the good times. Because you never really know to appreciate something until you lose it for good whether it be a forum, a gaming community, or even a friend (that one was for you XYTWO, may you R.I.P.).” – John Caveson

“I won’t miss you. Promise.” – OCS

“I’ve barely posted here since 2012, and I barely recognize anyone here, but this place will always have a special place in my heart. First forum I signed up for, God knows why. I’m surprised they kept this place up long as they have. Still, sad to see it go.” – Raison d’être

“It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but ♥♥♥♥ it.

“SPUF was my first jump into talking to other people online. I remember contradicting my real self and actually finding discussions to contribute to in order to hit the ten-post requirement to chime into This Instant and Moment in Off-Topic (I distinctly remember the divide between bagels and donuts.) These forums are where I learned a lot; when I should or should not make a post, when to not bump threads, when to stop arguments. Here I started building my own computer (that’s still in use), learned more and more about technology in the Hardware and Operating Systems sub-forum, and learned to not be a jerk online. As I lurked the TF2 forum more and more, I learned how to play the game better to the point of playing in UGC Steel and eventually Silver with some of you guys. I still wear those badges on all of my characters to this day.

“These are my roots. Everything that I’ve done online pretty much started here. Although I’ve since moved on, I’ll never forget my days of skimming through these forums, looking for posts to chime in, seeing familiar faces every day. I’m going to miss this place.” – Timmy-P7

“While I stopped visiting this ♥♥♥♥hole regularly a long time ago :^), it was still dear to my heart, spending all the time on here ♥♥♥♥posting. I’m really gonna miss this place. So yeah, uh, bye. (Are we really supposed to write an eulogy for this place? I thought we all hated it anyway ;^)))) But yeah. All snide comments aside, I’d like to thank you lot for making my days of playing stereotype fashion simulator 2007 that much more enjoyable.” – Spycicle

“Even dead we are better than SCUD.” – MrPhantonHunter

“It’s going to be weird when SPUF is gone. When I first signed up it was talking about L4D1 and 2. Then I stayed in the CSGO forums until I became bitter at the state of it, then headed over to the TF2 forums. There I met a bunch of friendly folk who I came to enjoy the company of (from a distance) before finally being motivated enough to participate in the forum with them thanks to the Daily SPUF. It’s been a fun, almost decade-long, ride which I’m not ready to get off of yet. Thanks for the good times, SPUF. You’ll be missed.” – KillerHunter

“♥♥♥♥, it’s almost been 10 years. Met so many awesome people on these forums. This isn’t the first time I’ve been through the death of a forum, the Nintendo forums being taken down is partly why I’m here. I made the mistake of not adding anyone from there to my IM’s an such. I have not made this mistake twice. You can add me on Steam if you already haven’t. It’s been a good ride.” – Nomad Trooper

“I was always just a lurker really, never got much into posting, but just reading some of the posts provided long and enjoyable hours when procrastinating. Mostly I came for TF2, stayed for Off topic, the best source of useless banter and information you could wish to have. So long and thanks for all the Fish-E.” – Gaspump

“Ain’t a SPUF party without demo and Jigglypuff at each others’ throats.

“I feel like I need to save one of the older fads for future generations in my goodbye. Anyone else remember dropping soup in the shower? Pepperidge Farm remembers… I can’t believe I’ve been in and out of this place for 8 years. Hell, I can’t believe TF2’s been around longer. Sure, the place started dying halfway in, and pretty much everyone knew it was some kind of terminally ill, but I never thought I’d see an actual shutdown. Rather, I expected it to peter out, existing in some forgotten server until the eventual heat death of the universe. I suppose this way is better. Met a lot of cool people that I barely interacted with on these forums. It’s been real. Here’s to lurking with people on the other side. 5char Also, the goodbyes post better be ended with the Highlander Heavy. ” – ToasterToastin’

“I’m still waiting on the soldier update.” – Wurm

“Good bye spuf. I’ve got good memories, from the days of lurking to the portal 2 arg, from the Huff fire axe thread to the pyro arg. There have been many good things here, like the pan war of 2011. I’ll remember the update speculation days with fine folks like Perfect Cell, Slacks, ned, binary, Hertz, Red, and dash. It has been good. Signing off, good luck to all of you.” – Wake123

“Good bye SPUF.” – Monsterphobia

“My god, even the Off Topic thread is preparing for the apocalypse. I had a lot of good moments from here. Honestly, even with the flame wars and stuff, THIS was what kept me alive through high school.

Now that college is a thing now, I haven’t been able to check in here as often as I would have liked. Now it feels like SPUF has a terminal disease and has six days to live, because, well, it does. But as Odoroki, I can say that I’ve made my mark on this forum in some way, shape, or form, something that I will find sore to lose. But hey, maybe the community here will regroup in some way, shape, or form. But until then, you can probably find me still doing custom MvM, even when a lot of people are off playing Overwatch. I guess my one regret here is that I still haven’t gotten to five stars. Oh well. Until SPUF regroups itself, you can find me at my server. Or playing FE Heroes, whichever shows up first. And here I have one last word to share with you all. Hellfire x Wurm. Never forget.” – Sahnicthekimhog

“So they’re really pulling the plug on SPUF, eh? Even if I haven’t been poking around these parts for quite some time, it’s a shame to see it on its way out. Hopefully everything can be properly archived before the plug gets pulled for good (and not just for sentimental reasons; I can’t imagine how many odd Steam game fixes and other tips must be spread across these forums).

“It almost feels strange to be here again, but given what time I DID spend here (which is apparently more than I remembered, looking at my post count… a shame I never made it to 5 stars), I think it’s only right I leave a proper goodbye in here as we say farewell to good ol’ Steam Forums Classic. This place definitely lead to some fun discussions and experiences (highlights include blog threads with varying degrees of success, getting to play hilariously hellish custom MvM missions, and that time we all got together to face off in mirrored versions of beloved maps). I hope you all have a nice smooth transition into whatever comes next.

Here’s a memory for the road. Godspeed, you magnificant bastards.” – iGamr

“Well… Bye SPUF (and by extension, everyone in it), it’s been fun. I suppose it was nice meeting all you fine (and some not-so-fine) people and I’m grateful for all the time we spent together.” – MysticTheMeeM

Here’s some music from my favourite game of all time.

“It’s been a while since I’ve written something from the heart, something filled with emotion, but it’s something I feel like I should do more often. I like sappy things a lot; graduations, farewells, the magic of friendship. So SPUF and I can have a sappy ending too.

“So I joined the forums in 2009. Over 8 years ago, to talk about the Xbox version of TF2 and complain about it not receiving the same updates that the PC version had. I bought the Orange Box for Portal but was drawn in by the depth, personality, and aesthetic of TF2, which were wholly different from the usual fare of Halo, GoW, and CoD that I grew up playing with my school friends. At this point, I was a peniless console ♥♥♥♥ter, and the only real reason I had to get a PC was TF2. The rig I ended up getting was garbage, and it barely managed to play the game, but eventually I made that upgrade.

“At this point I would spend so much of my time here, mostly coming up with new ideas for weapons that I thought had huge potential. It was nice to have that outlet for my creative energy, since I couldn’t draw or anything like that.

“Then MLP happened, and whoever was around when that was a thing knows what I was like. Looking back on it now it’s easy to see how obnoxious that ♥♥♥♥ must have been for anyone who was just here to talk about a ♥♥♥♥ing class-based shooter. But at the same time, I felt like I had a positive impact. I started bridging gaps between people; I felt like there was a real community spirit here. The emotional rollercoaster that was Huffnapper and its deletion, undeletion and rushed conclusion will stick with me for a long time. Thank you to everyone who took part in those. You really made me feel like I was part of something.

“Then I ♥♥♥♥ed off. I don’t have any interest in this game any more, and anyone who I wanted to interact with here is either gone or I can contact in a much easier way. But even if I’m not a big player here any more, it’s great to see that this place can thrive with energy right until the very end. I never wanted to see this place die, but if it has to go, I’m glad it gets to go like this.

“I guess this wasn’t the right place for my life story, but I just wanted to say that it’s easy to look back and [buzzword]cringe[/buzzword] at all the stupid ♥♥♥♥ I’ve said here, but I don’t regret any of it. I’ve made friends with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met, people who can make a guy who’s struggled with depression and anxiety excited to get up in the morning and greet them. In just 81 day’s time, I will finally be able to meet the nicest, most selfless person I know, who I first met here about six years ago. And you can bet your ♥♥♥ he is getting the biggest hug I can possibly dish out when he gets here.

“In closing I want to apologise to everyone here who I’ve ever annoyed with my dumb pony ♥♥♥♥ and thank everyone here who has ever made me laugh or smile. Don’t forget where you’re from, don’t forget the people who’ve supported you and made you who you are today. I sincerely hope that the loss of this message board doesn’t tear you guys apart, but it brings you closer together when you find that new channel of discussion, whatever it may be. Keep drawing, writing, creating, and keep having fun. Ta ta.” – TDV SilentSnipe

“Looks like I’ll have to find another place to hate random crits.” – itchylol742

“Sad to see ‘er go, I’ve seen a lot of folks come and go over the last 9 years but I must say it’s generally been a nice li’l community.” – supamark23

“TheConfusicus’ Final Score: 5340 Posts; 2924 Rep; 2.69 Posts per Day; Joined 31-12-2011; 5 out of 5 Stars!

“A score is a funny way to sum up a small part of 6 years of my life! But in all those numbers, there were so many little experiences, good and bad. We all bonded over a certain game, we made friends all over the world, and I’m certain none of us ever expected that when we first joined. In the beginning, it was just to trade or talk about gameplay balance, but somehow we made this community into a welcoming home, for both new players and veterans.

“When I first joined, and it’s silly to say this now, but I was a little intimidated! So many veterans that knew so much more about the game, much more than I did. In fact, SPUF was my first forum… ever! I didn’t know how to become involved, so I just lurked. From the F2P update till about Dec of that year, I just lurked without an account. But (obviously) I soon lurked enough, and joined. I’m glad I did. Since, I became one of those veterans, learning much along the way, and I loved helping the new players that would appear on these forums (though the number of new accounts grew less and less over the years).

“I won’t go into detail about the many experiences over that time but powerjacks, raffles, contests, game theory, gaining and losing friends, disarrayed competitive teams, ponies, pixel art, getting gud, broken promises, blogs, announcement racing, and much more all featured! The list could go on forever, but SPUF, sadly, cannot.

“It has been a pleasure talking with you all for over half a decade. I never thought I would get so invested, or noticed when I first joined! I thank you all for being as welcoming and as friendly as you have been, and I wish you all luck in future.

“Goodnight!” – TheConfusicus

“Thanks for listening to my goofy ideas. See you in another life.” – answers

“Its been a pleasure fellow SPUFians. I lurked more than I posted, but I enjoyed contributing when I could. Its always sad to see an online community fragment; there are so many memories,thoughts, and discussions finally being put to rest in an ultimate way that is a bitter reminder of the finiteness of stuff. Hopefully, though, I’ll see most of you all again in related communities, and if not, I hope you carry the most positive aspects of SPUF’s community (the blue text, if you will) into new communities. With Regards, DarkSniper”

“Such a sad day 🙁 I never thought that this would ever happen. It is not silly to be sentimental about a forum, in fact we have formed an emotional attachment to it over long years, it’s the place to find knowledgeable players to discuss game issues, possible weapon balances, suggestions, troubleshooting and …oh yeah! Random crits!
The most upsetting part of this is that we are now redirected to scud’s craphole swarmed with tons of useless threads and kiddish posts around the clock.

“It’s kinda hard at 34 of age to stay interested in gaming, many thanks for the lovely SPUF community for all the interesting discussions and valuable contributions, I will miss you badly (tears here), see you hopefully under better circumstances.

“RIP SPUF … Gamers for life – Viragiste (mahmoud)”

“It was fun.

“I regret not posting more. I remember I had some grandiose thread in mind for my 2000th post and never got around to finishing it, which led to me breaking my SPUF habit (although I still lurked on occasion).

“Maybe it was my imagination, but I’m pretty sure at least one of my balance suggestions got implemented. I’m proud of that.

“We’ll cross paths again sooner or later, everyone. Especially if I get around to checking out subspuf.

“See you later, space cowboys” – Marrow Ezza L-U

“It’s just about over. This will be goodbye, but there’s not much sorrow in this parting. It might have been nice to have been more involved than I was, but I don’t think I ever had the character for it. At least I have Jump Day in my legacy. Peace, my dudes.” – Mersopolis

“Well, SPUF Pals, looks like we’ve reached the end here! But unlike you folks, I ain’t goin’ anywhere! You see, Valve’s been giving very little things for me to talk about, and filling the update void with goofy little posts here and there is really a burden. It’s sad, but not really, for me to say that I’m going down with the ship, as I have no plans, (as of now), to relocate onto the other forums! Yes, we’ve had some good memories here, and many, many more not-so-good ones. So I guess I just wanna say…

Damn you all!
Especially you, Scout!

“Alright, now that I have your attention, let’s have a serious discussion here. I love you all! Except you, Scout… (My one regret is that I won’t be able to say “I-told-ya’-so” when my comic ending winds up being way better than Valve’s) LordMonkey, signing out!”

“Hey SPUF, good to visit you one last time before you go down. We’re all gonna miss you and these blue and black walls.

“I couldn’t find that goodbyes thread because it’s 3 AM here and I’m lazy, so here it is. Though I haven’t been a frequent poster for about four or five years now, I will never forget SPUF. This forum has made such an impact on my life, from my taste in games and stuff to meeting my best friends on here. This place fostered my adolescence. It was a playground of stupid ♥♥♥♥ing bull♥♥♥♥ that makes me want to kill myself now, but I seriously wouldn’t want to trade it for the world. All of the ARGs, all of the arguments, all of the stealth horse threads, even, I had a great time and I will never forget all of you who made up this community and made it my home.

“Thank you, guys, thank you, SPUF, you… helped shape my life as it is today, and I’m never going to forget it.

“Hope to see you guys around SubSPUF, and I can’t wait to keep reading through that copy to relive some more memories!

“Also wow I got shown the fuck up by the goodbyes in the goodbye thread. Wish I had done this earlier, but essays were never really my forte.

“God I’m tearing up just a tad, fuck I’m gonna miss the security of the idea that this place will just, like, be here on my bookmarks bar to just click on and take a gander at every once in a while. I haven’t played TF2 since 2015 but man, it’s just always been reflex to check back here every once in a while. I guess I grew complacent and took this place for granted. It’s not like I’m going to lose any of the great friends I met through this place but ????, man. It’s like your childhood treehouse being torn down.

“I mean god damn since I’ve moved a good 5-6 times since 2009 and been around this place this forum has actually been the oldest permanent home I’ve had now that I think about it. Even my real life childhood home has recently been sold and I have no more connections in my hometown. I guess the same thing is happening to my other hometown now haha.

“God I’m going to miss this place. Hallowed fucking ground, I love you guys and like Silent said, I can’t wait to meet those fantastic friends we’re talking about later this summer.

“Stay cool boys, I’ll crack open an Axtinguisher for ya’ll.” – Huff

“Feels like I’ve been kicked in the stomach. Seven years, nearly 20 thousand posts and Valve was considering not even letting me say goodbye. Farewell, SPUF. Thank you for everything.” – The Medic

“Hey, I heard that Spuf is finally, like, dying for real. Frankly? Hit me harder than I thought it would. Hope you guys’ lives turn out alright. Farewell.” – Stamda

“*Pushes server down behind you* pshh nothing personnel kid” – Fish-E

“So long, and thanks for all the rep.” – A Dapper Apple and Gen. DeGroot

Thank you everyone who contributed. Thank you so much.

Look after yourselves now, alright?


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 45% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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