Do you remember your first life?

Medic: My first life in Team Fortress 2 was insanely dull. After spending a tad too long working out how to use the server browser, I found myself in a PL_Goldrush server. It wasn’t anything special, just 23 other people fighting over a damn stationary cart. I decided to start off with Scout, as he was the first class going left to right. So logic dictated that I picked him first. BLU were most of the way through the map. I spawned and switched through all of my weapons, deciding to keep my scattergun out since it was the biggest gun. I left the spawn room and spent the next 2 minutes walking around the spawn room and tip-toeing outside, wondering which set of tracks I should follow. I staggered towards the first building, which contains ammo and health, only to be gunned down by a Spy who was still hanging around picking off stragglers. I disconnected, deciding I should probably replay the tutorial a few more times.

Annoyingly, both my siblings’ first lives were way more action-packed. Brother got a crocket and sister’s first shot managed to kill a cloaked, disguised enemy Spy.


aabicus: I remember my first life in TF2 and TFClassic!

I actually played TFClassic first, even though I started my multiplayer gaming career in 2011. It was while I was studying abroad in Britain, I’d recently purchased the Orange Box and Half-Life anthology as my first ever Steam purchase (unless you count a free copy of Portal), and I needed a multiplayer game my crappy laptop could handle, plus I was attracted to the Half-Life old school graphics so TFC it was. I spawned as Medic on a server running the custom map odyssey, and I experimentally cycled through my inventory before deciding to wield the silver shotgun into battle. The first player I met was an enemy Heavyweapons Guy in the lower level of my team’s base, who I fired at ineffectually before he blasted my face off with his minigun. It was a few hours later I realized everybody on the server, including him, was a bot.

My first time playing TF2 happened when I returned to America. In my absence my roommate had been playing the game obsessively on my desktop, so she’d already unlocked the Kritzkrieg and even the Prussian Pickelhaube. She knew I wanted to play Medic, so put me on Upward as RED with the Kritzkrieg. The second the gates opened, I ubered a heavy standing next to the cart and raged when I died instantly to a headshot, because I didn’t understand why I hadn’t turned invincible. Good times…

Pretty sure I was standing right about here
Pretty sure I was standing right about here for the entire second my first life lasted.


John Caveson: I think my first TF2 life was spent roaming Dustbowl practicing with the new-fangled bots, that I thought were top-notch at the time, getting used to the controls.

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