Shadow Warrior free on Humble Bundle until July 23rd

Shadow Warrior: Special Edition is currently 100% absolutely free on Humble Bundle for the next day or so, and you can get it here. As well as the base game, you also get the official Shadow Warrior soundtrack, a digital art book and two unique weapons – a Serious Sam 3 sledgehammer and a Hotline Miami katana.

Image from Humble Bundle

It’s a first person shooter and hack-and-slash game with a somewhat loud-mouthed, over-excited protagonist, if the trailer is to be believed. The game appears to have that Serious Sam vibe, with a pinch of Saints Row style over the top gangstas evil corporations, with both scary demonic monsters swarming at you and plenty of human gangstas to deal with as well. Combat includes all your standard guns, as well as sword fighting, ninja style, slinging a pretty cool katana around like no one’s business. There’s also leveling up abilities and magical powers, because why not?

Like previous free games on the Humble Bundle store, you require both a Humble Bundle account and a Steam account. Getting Shadow Warrior for free sends you an email to your Humble Bundle account, which gives you a link to a page which contains a Steam key, which you can then activate via your Steam library. You have to claim your free key before August 5th 2017.

Image from Humble Bundle

Even if hack and slash swarm shooter games are not your cup of tea, this is definitely a game worth picking up. Mostly because of the price. When it’s not absolutely free, Shadow Warrior: Special Edition sells for €49.99. So no matter what, you’re saving a ton of money, even if you don’t like the game.

While not everything is free, it seems silly to pass up on such a good deal.

Oh and you might get something else as well…

This isn't Shadow Warrior...


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