Tentatively Start Playing Sanctuary Onslaught Now

The other day, I suggested avoiding Sanctuary Onslaught because the mission was, to put it lightly, a mess. Luckily, the following update fixed a large number of problems. The game mode is pretty playable now, way better than it used to be. Enemies spawn properly now, a lot of the random crashes were fixed and the whole efficiency problem is better than it used to be.

Sanctuary Onslaught, the starting room
I’m totally using this again. It’s an awesome place, would be amazing for Captura.

And the rewards are a bit better now. The chances of obtaining both Khora and the Lato and Braton Vandals is still astonishingly low and the Synthetic Eidolon Shards are still an utter waste of space, but the relic pool got expanded, and the ability to get radiant Axi relics is awesome. And really Endo’s not too bad, although the quantities could be increased further – especially since you can get similar amounts more quickly by doing bounties on the Plains of Eidolon. Khora though has been moved into the normal variation of Sanctuary Onslaught only, which is both a blessing and a curse – it means there’s more space for better loot playing the elite version, but it means you’re stuck with mediocre rewards. That Lith Z1 relic you just got could have been a radiant one if you were playing Elite Onslaught. This also has the downside of no one ever playing Sanctuary Onslaught once the majority of players get Khora – why would they when there’s a slightly harder version with better rewards?

But the affinity and focus earned from Sanctuary Onslaught are really good. You can actually hit the daily Focus Cap (which now increases based off Mastery Rank) without having to do the same tedious Grineer exterminate with a strict loadout any more, you can take whatever you like as long as you kill things.

But there are some problems still around. Some rather devastating ones, depending on your luck. Some of them are quite funny, like being stuck in slow motion or getting the wrong skyboxes (Anything with a Kuva Fortress skybox is awesome), while others suck major ass, like being unable to jump, use your weapons, use your Warframe’s abilities OR your Operator.

There are other bugs too. Pets and weapons can be accidentally left behind in previous zones; you can get trapped in previous zones if you leave your Warframe behind and use your Operator; people are still dropping out rarely; magnetic anomalies can spawn on top of the portal data conduit and drain all your energy; and, for some strange reason, sometimes your loot gets overwritten with something else. I’ve had it happen twice, a relic being overwritten by a Khora neuroptics, and a Khora blueprint being overwritten by a relic.

Most importantly though, there’s one tip I have for you: If the host extracts, then YOU need to extract too.

You see, the host migration issues are still there. I’ve lost a Khora neuroptics from it. If the host of the game (the person with a 1 by their name on the teammate list on the right hand side of your screen – if your teammates’ info isn’t visible press Z to view it) hasn’t gone through that portal, then you need to not go through. Because if the host leaves, you will get a host migration and you will most likely lose your rewards. Also you’ll probably be booted back to your ship so you don’t even have the chance to earn more.

Luckily, if you want to extract and the host doesn’t? You can stay behind and you’ll extract no problem.

But yeah, this is a big step in the right direction. It’s not too boring either, just mindless slaughter, perfect for passing the time.

Yeah, I recommend it.

Go play Sanctuary Onslaught. It’s fun.


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