The Annoyance of Corrosive Projection

What’s the best aura for any Warframe? Corrosive Projection. No other aura, not the energy regeneration of Energy Siphon, not the extra slots and damage from Steel Charge, not Growing Power, nothing. Nothing beats Corrosive Projection.

The Aura Mod Corrosive Projection
The Aura Mod Corrosive Projection

Why? Because armor is a bitch, and one person using the Corrosive Projection augment removes 24% of armour. The more armor you have, the more damage resistance you have. That’s great if you’re a Warframe, you can make your health last much longer and you don’t die so easily. But when it comes to enemies? Well, that armor scales with an enemy’s level. And that armor will scale upwards almost indefinitely, all the way to maximum levels. You can quickly reach a point where you literally can’t kill things outside of things like high melee combos with Maiming Strike and Blood Rush, using abilities that scale based on damage dealt like Octavia’s Mallet or having to use instant-kill abilities like Ash’s Fatal Teleport.

You can also use abilities to remove or reduce armor. Mag’s augment Fracturing Crush will remove some armor on all enemies hit. Oberon can remove armor by using Reckoning on enemies who are on Hallowed Ground. High status chance weapons using Corrosive will remove a percentage of armor on every attack. But these all only go so far, as enemies gain more and more armor.

The far easier solution?

Use Corrosive Projection. Then get your squad to use it as well. All of a sudden, 96% of all that enemy armor is gone forever.

That 4% though, that can still do a lot at high levels, but don’t worry, Coaction Drift, which increases an aura mod’s effectiveness by 15%, will help you out.

So if you want to be at maximum effectiveness, you need to forma your polarity slot to be a Naramon dash (a – rather than a V or D). Which means forma-ing at least half your Warframes. Which wouldn’t be a problem if you wanted to use Corrosive Projection all the time, forever and ever, but what if you don’t? What if you want to use Growing Power, Steel Charge and the weapon damage auras? Well tough shit, you’ve got armor to deal with now. Get that Corrosive Projection out right now and watch your effectiveness double.

But what annoys me most is the invisible power of Corrosive Projection. It’s magically stripping armour away for free. It’s the best no matter what, and you can’t even see what it does… unless you all have Coaction Drift and have 100% armour removal and all the Grineer now have red health bars instead of gold ones. Most of the time though, you don’t need Coaction Drift, you benefit no matter what with a single aura mod. You don’t lose anything by using Corrosive Projection on 99% of the time. Even when doing Corpus and Infested missions, the removal of armor works on some enemies. It’s cheap and it’s free and it’s effortless. Especially when a single mod can do what a large number of armor-stripping Warframe abilities and well-modded weapons can do, simply by having it equipped. It makes life easier, and we come to rely on it.

Heavens forbid the developers decide to nerf Corrosive Projection.

At the end of the day, the REAL issue is with armor scaling, with how quickly enemies become resistant to damage, and how it’s hard to overcome that scaling. With Corrosive Projection, your life is made easier, but it goes against the huge amounts of choice you’re supposed to have in Warframe, while also almost enforcing the insane armor scaling, suggesting that it’s not a problem as long as we use this one specific mod.

Really, what’s the point of having a multitude of aura mods when only one of them is actually viable?


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