100% Not A Newbie Anymore…

Ever since I started playing Warframe, I’d write silly Warframe fan fictions, many of which would get posted here on the Daily SPUF should we ever be short of articles. They’d feature a young, newbie Volt and his friend, a more experienced Frost, as they wandered around the Warframe universe, generally avoiding the whole Operators Controlling Them thing. The Volt was clearly based on me, and various other characters were based on other people too. I hadn’t written one in a while. Then when I went to write one the other day, I realised I’m not actually that newbie Volt any more.

Nope, I’m a bitching MR22 Volt Prime with end-game weaponry and the ability to go on mass murder sprees on any node I want, often capable of doing so even with mediocre weaponry. I finished the Mastery Rank 22 test with ease and am a quarter of the way up to MR23. Okay, I’m not going into any mission and doing 50% of the damage all the time, but I mostly know what the hell I’m doing, and I’m there helping low level players along the way.

Yesterday alone, after I’d finished doing the Sortie and was farming for parts for the Miter (a weapon I’d somewhat missed and wanted to build), and I helped someone with that, before helping two folks get the parts for Nyx in a Phorid Invasion. I’ve also been dedicated to making sure that MR9 people get their Ignis Wraith flamethrowers. The only time I looked like a noob was when I was paired with two actual newbies and an MR8 guy, and I had to play with 3000 ping, while using projectile weapons. That was fun. Thankfully Electric Shield works wonders when protecting a defense target.

I’ve also got a huge amount of weapons to play with now, ever since I sold off some duplicates of valuable things and actually started buying slots rather than selling weapons if I hated them. Basically, I have something for almost every situation. Frankly, I could have had this at MR13-15, but that’s more on me for being dumb and cheap. I’ve got a nice, shiny weapon for every situation. A bunch of shiny assault rifles like my Ignis Wraith and Supra Vanda, a bunch of shotguns like my ass-kicking Arca Plasmor, a bunch of nice, high damage secondaries and more melee weapons than you can shake a stick at.

With all these weapons, I can play higher difficulty missions for longer. A 40 minute survival mission isn’t an issue for me now. Even Sorties are kinda simple these days unless it’s something incredibly absurd like Melee Only Raptor Assassination. Or trying to solo all 3 Eidolons. It’s so nice having all this variation and all these things to do.

The issue is that it kinda goes against the persona I built. Can’t pretend you’re a newbie when you’re over MR20. You just look like a twat. And people kinda expect you to carry but I’ve only had that once or twice. Oh well.

You know what though? It’s really nice. Actually feels like a little bit of an accomplishment, that I’ve actually gotten this far. Sure, I could have reached MR22 a lot quicker than I have done, and I’ve still got to reach Mastery Ranks 23, 24 and 25, but still, I can consider myself actually somewhat skilled at Warframe now.

The best thing though? You know what the title is for Mastery Rank 22? Dragon.

I’m finally a bloody dragon.

Well, not really. But that’s cool.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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