My Growing Obsession with Khora

It’s weird how a new favourite suddenly emerges out of nowhere, leaping up behind you and giving you the shock of your life as you realise you’ve been using this new favourite more and more. Okay, I’m still utterly obsessed with Volt, but Khora? Bloody hell, I never thought I’d be using her so much.

Khora and Venari
Khora and Venari

Khora just kinda popped out of nowhere. I leveled Khora up and stuck her in the arsenal while I resumed with playing Volt and trying to get Kronen and Tiberon Prime, but when I failed that (to the point that I STILL don’t have Kronen Prime, even though a new Prime Access is out!), I decided to try some different things. Khora only stuck out because a clan mate used her in an Interception mission and basically AFK’d. That was what spurred me to try Khora. Because as much as I LOVE playing Volt, you NEED to be paying attention with him. You stop paying attention, you die.

So I grabbed Khora and decided to build her with as much range and power strength as I could in her unforma’d body, making sure I had over 100% efficiency and duration in the process. I came out with 230% range and about 115% power strength. I jumped into a mission on my beloved Seimeni and after pressing 4 a few times, effortlessly carried the mission and did 80% of damage dealt.


Just by pressing 4 and keeping Strangledome active.

I had to check that I wasn’t with low level players. I wasn’t. Khora had just magically done that much damage.

I had found my new effortless frame.

So now, if I ever need to protect a thing and stop enemies getting too close, like an excavator, a Kuva siphon or a fucked up idiot of an Operative on a Sortie Defense on Earth, I can do so with ease. I can use Strangledome and just have enemies swing around helplessly, while they also take a hefty amount of damage, and if an enemy is too far away, I can just use a 2-1 combo to chain more enemies together in easy-to-kill lumps.

A sortie defense with one of those idiots? I can just throw Venari and some Strangledomes at him and he's fine!
A sortie defense with one of those idiots? I can just throw Venari and some Strangledomes at him and he’s fine!

And then there’s Venari.

Venari, Khora’s metal-accented cat companion, is an idiot. But a cool-looking idiot who will heal any allied thing you tell it to. You can stick her on an ally, you can tell her to heal a cryopod, you can tell her to heal an excavator, you can even tag other people’s Kavats and watch as she tries to heal and hump them at the same time. The healing isn’t insanely strong, but it’s an aura effect, meaning Venari will also heal those around her. Which means that Khora and her team benefit from a healer despite not having one. And Venrai will also heal herself while healing others, so while her AI may be dumb, you can simply switch her out of Attack Mode and she’ll heal herself. Of course you can also stick Pack Leader on Venari, meaning she heals when you melee things too. I’ve only actually seen Venari die a couple of times in all the times I have used her, but even then, I can just summon her back.

Venari’s pathfinding isn’t particularly good though. She’ll decide to not follow you at times, but I find switching her mode or just getting her to heal me teleports her back.

Or it might be that Khora is too fast. You see, Khora has higher than normal sprint speed, but ALSO has an extra sprint speed passive when Venari is close by. She might not be as speedy as Volt, but Khora can really run, and that just feels so nice – even more so when you give her high power strength.

So I still get that speedy, quick playstyle, while also dishing out damage and having a strong, jack-of-all-trades set of abilities. Like Volt, I can take Khora nearly anywhere.

There are only a few problems I have with Khora.

Firstly there is an awkward polarity slot in Khora’s Exilus slot. A Naramon (-) polarity. Which was probably intended to have Rush in it to increase Khora’s sprint speed further. But a forma can fix that.

Another issue is that Khora is kinda not the most attractive frame around. While Volt is ugly but smooth, Khora is ugly but lumpy. I can look past that though, because she is fun as heck to play as, and powerful too. You can’t use her spikes alongside a syandana though, but that’s okay, I like more traditional ones anyway.

Unfortunately though, I can see Khora getting reworked in the near future. And chances are, she won’t be the same, especially when you consider how confused her theme is.

Still, Khora is awesome.

Khora and her Kavat
Haven’t found a nice colour scheme for her yet, though.


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