Probably the Only Priest I Could Trust – Harrow

Harrow is basically the Priest Warframe, the Masochist, sacrificing shields and energy, my two favourite things, to buff himself and his team. He is the exact sort of frame I never thought I’d like, as I’ve always been a very selfish Warframe player (Ignis Wraith blueprints aside) and why would I want to give up the things I use to stop myself from dying? Yet somehow, here I am, enjoying Harrow.


You get Harrow’s blueprint from his quest, Chains of Harrow, but the rest of him is locked away behind Defection missions and a single Spy mission on the Kuva Fortress. His Chassis though is everywhere – most Void Fissure missions will net you with at least one, and like Oberon parts, act like tiny credit caches once you have Harrow built.

Unless you buy him, like I did. Because fuck Defection not giving me that damn part. Oh and you also need Kuva, but not nearly as much as other Kuva-built items.

Awkward parts aside, Harrow is worth the wait. He’s a support character who is actually fun to play. I never liked Trinity due to her shitty casting animations and awkward button spam, but Harrow requires you to be actively participating in fights.

You want to heal team mates? You need to sacrifice your shields and start killing enemies with Penance.

Want to get your shields back? Get back into the fight and throw chains at enemies with Condemn.

You want to give you and your team mates energy? Drain some of your own energy and get it back by killing things. Get even more energy by scoring headshots.

Only Covenant, Harrow’s fourth ability, doesn’t require sacrifice, as it makes you immortal briefly. But you want to make the most out of this brief respite, you want to take as much damage as possible. The second the invulnerability wears off, you get a boost to your critical chance based on how much damage you blocked. Sure, it’s capped at +50% critical chance but the crits are so good.

Harrow synergizes with himself really well. Everything has a flow to it. You want to heal someone so you sacrifice your shields and kill things, getting a fire rate buff in the process, throw out chains to regain your lost shields, make the most out of stunned enemies by scoring easy headshots and regaining energy then use Covenant when things get too hairy and you need a break. Every ability leads into an opportunity to use another ability. There is very little waste in Harrow’s kit.

What seals the deal for me though is the overshields. There’s normally a cap to the amount of overshields you can get – double your maximum shields – but Harrow can get way more than that, over 3000. Sure, you might lose that using Penance to heal others, but those shields come back fast.

Harrow also has nice synergies with other items. The Knell and Scourge, the weapons Harrow was released with, work so well with him. The Knell gives infinite ammo on headshots, while the Scourge when thrown brings enemies together like a bullet magnet. Weapons that are easy to get headshots with work amazingly with Harrow, even shotguns like the Arca Plasmor. Another good synergy is with the Guardian mod for sentinels, which will replenish your shields even if you use Penance to remove them. Good if you’re low on energy.

Weirdly though, Harrow works both great as a team player and as a solo player. Because his buffs require sacrifice and for you to get kills rather than team mates doing all the work, he ends up being weirdly self sufficient.

Harrow though has one more, non-gameplay trick up his sleeve. He looks amazing. He is pretty much exactly how a Warframe Priest should look. You can see people listening to what he has to say. He looks and feels like the part, more than many other frames.

It’s so easy to make Harrow look good too. His alternate helmet is awesome and his Tennogen items are mindblowingly good. When we finally get to Harrow Prime, I have no idea what they’re going to do because Harrow is insanely cool-looking already.

Harrow was totally worth the platinum I farmed and traded for to buy him. 9/10 would recommend, just keep him away from your Operator.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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