2000 Hours of Warframe

2018 hours. Nice.
2018 hours. Nice.

It’s finally happened. I’ve played a game for more hours than Team Fortress 2 and for more than 2000 hours. Congratulations, Warframe, you have won my undying honour and respect. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Anyway, over the course of those 2000 hours, there are a lot of things I have learned. And some things I haven’t really learned but am basically still guessing about. I can actually remember a lot of little things, like Davjo helping me sell a Tigris Prime part so I could buy my first colour palette, the broken bow aabicus had when I played Warframe with him, the fact that both my siblings picked Volt when I suggested they pick Excalibur, farming Excalibur before the Ambulas Reborn event…

One of the very first screenshots taken. A young Volt with his MK1-Paris, MK1-Bo and Lato stumbles across a Silver Grove.
One of the very first screenshots taken. A young Volt with his MK1-Paris, MK1-Bo and Lato stumbles across a Silver Grove.

Heck, I’ve seen the release of the Plains of Eidolon and the War Within and participated in three major events, Plague Star, Ambulas Reborn and the Pacifism Defect.

So what else have I accomplished in over 2000 hours? Well…

  • I am Mastery Rank 23 with enough gear ready to get to MR24.
  • I’m sitting on over 20 million credits, 2000 Ducats and more Platinum than I’d like to admit.
  • I’m closing in on the 700th Day login reward, the Sigma and Octanis.
  • I have every Warframe bar Limbo Prime.
  • I have crafted every single Clan Tech weapon (the last being the Caustacyst because fuck Mutagen Masses).
  • I’ve spent two and a half hours in one sitting of Defection.
  • I’ve done a 3 hour Survival mission.
  • I’ve solo-killed a Teralyst.
  • I’ve found a total of 1 Legendary Core.
  • I’ve given out a fuckton of Ignis Wraith blueprints.

And so on. Honestly none of those are really that big an achievement, but eh, it’s still cool.

Still, there’s a lot of stuff I’ve learned as well. With a game like Warframe, you’re almost expected to use the game’s Wiki for every little thing, but there’s things I’ve learned myself. Little, useful things. Things like:

  • Every Warframe is viable.
  • Operators are viable if you’re willing to spend hours farming Focus, Amps and Magus/Virtuous Arcanes.
  • Most weapons are pretty mediocre unless you stick a potato and some forma in them. But even with just an Orokin Catalyst, some weapons can be really good.
  • You don’t need to forma your Warframes. An Orokin Reactor will do.
  • Cats and dogs are suicidal. So are robots if you give them a gun. Ordis is suicidal too if you abandon him.
  • 75% of the time it’s not worth opening Riven Mods. But it’s fun to open them anyway.
  • The Mote Amp fucking sucks. Worst fucking weapon in the game aside from a non-Amp-using Operator.
  • The Zenistar and an Octavia is better than Spin to Win with Maiming Strike and an Atterax.
  • People go fucking crazy for Ayatan Sculptures. Especially when Baro is around. Easy way to make platinum.
  • You shouldn’t feel bad if you bought something with platinum that you traded for.
  • You don’t need to be good at Warframe to reach MR25.
  • Volt is the best Warframe except in Spy missions and Sorties with Toxic or Slash Damage.
  • Mutalist and Sapping Ospreys, Ancient Healers and Toxic Ancients are the fucking worst.
An awesome Volt and an awesome Zenistar
Now I’m a badass Volt Prime, rocking that yellow and smashing things to pieces with my badass Zenistar.

There’s stuff I haven’t learned though.

Like Lua Spy missions.

Actually it’s not so much that I haven’t learned these things, it’s more the fact that I kinda don’t know maybe but if you chucked me in front of a Lua Spy vault I’d work it out eventually. Same with Uranus Spy missions. Actually I know how to do those missions but seriously some of those Uranus vaults are really hard.

All this time though, I’ve grown as a Tenno. Okay yeah I still try to melee things to death when I really shouldn’t, yeah, I still fuck up my bullet jumps and end up stuck on corners. But I do so as a certified badass, with a badass arsenal, slaughtering and hacking my way across the solar system.

It’s almost like being a god of sorts. A drive to become more and more powerful. It’s awesome.

But yeah. 2000 hours. More than 2000 hours. Who’d have thought Warframe, a game I played back in early 2014 and dismissed almost instantly, would be the sort of thing I’m not only still playing all this time later, but am still genuinely hyped up about it. Actually, not many games in general can do that.

It's been a long, interesting journey...
It’s been a long, interesting journey…

Although, speaking of 2000, that kinda… reminds me of something. But I can’t quite figure out what…


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