“Ya Wanna See Mah Pokemans?” Part 2 – Some More Pokemon GO

So I’ve been playing Pokemon GO for about a week now. To the point that I better understand how everything works. And I actually have some good Pokemon now. I’ve completed various things, am on part 3 of 8 when it comes to the Mew quest and am now level 20. It turns out, come level 20, that is when the real grind starts.

Up until now, it’s all been rather easy. I’ve actually been leveling up all over the place. Things definitely felt slower around levels 17-19, but from about level 6 to level 10, it all happened so fast, I hardly remember. Now though, I need to keep an eye on the number of Pokeballs I have, I’m constantly making room for more items in my inventory and I never seem to have any gifts to give to people.

Doom and Colin both got evolved, but Phovy and Growler were both caught not long afterwards...
Doom and Colin both got evolved, but Phovy and Growler were both caught not long afterwards…

Yeah, you can only have a limited number of both Pokemon and Items. I can understand having a limit of 300 Pokemon and 9 Eggs, after all, you need something for people to want to buy alongside items themselves, but I dunno, limiting the number of items seems a tad awkward. Especially when this is total items, including Pokeballs, Potions, Revives and special items.

Speaking of Pokeballs, your basic red ones become… not very good the higher level both you and your Pokemon victims targets are. Basically, if it’s under about CP300, then you can use a red ball. If not, use the next ball up. Assuming you have any though. Maybe it’s my shitty aim or my constant on-and-off mobile data (4g apparently) but it takes forever to actually catch a Pokemon and get them to stay put. Even if I bribe them with tons of berries.

I do have to conserve my Pokeballs now. But I need to catch more stuff because soon I’m going to have to evolve 10 Pokemon and I’ve already done a bunch of wasted evolutions that could have counted towards that. Damn you, Hindsight.

I’m not even catching particularly amazing stuff. After finally catching enough Pokemon to evolve up my Growlith and a Houndour (Flafflebutt is only CP 90ish so there was no point) I actually managed to catch an Arcanine AND a Houndoom. I’ve caught like five of them now. The ones with bad stats (i.e. most of them) get turned into candy though. Apart from those and the flood of Growliths and Houndours I’ve seen since leveling those bastards up, I’ve not seem much of interest at all. Even the Eevee event on the 11th and 12th of August didn’t net me many good things, although I DID get enough Eevees to get one of each Eeveeloution. Nyx and Hydroid (Espeon and Vapreon) are both pretty good, as is Volt (Jolteon) but my two Flareons and my Umbreon both evolved with mediocre CPs for some reason.

Phovos and Volt, the Jolteon buddy
Of course he’s called Volt.

On the plus side, I’ve also finally managed to complete a bunch of research and get a mysterious reward, which involved a random chance to catch a random Pokemon. That Pokemon happened to be a Raikou. So yeah I have a Raikou now. Except I had him appraised and his stats are just okay.

In fact, everything I seem to catch is just okay. The only Pokemon I have that have insanely good stats either have really low Combat Power or don’t have valuable attacks.

But it turns out my luck fucking sucks. Especially compared to my brother who started two days after me, has way more Pokemon, lots of great gym-killers/defenders, has multiple super badass Lucky Pokemon and even got a FUCKING SHINY EEVEE. Fuck you, bro, fuck you and your retardedly good luck.

Honestly though, I’m going to stop playing soon. Not because it’s getting too hard or I’m getting bored or anything. The fact that Generation 4 could be coming soon and the eternal temptation of filling that Pokedex are pretty strong motivators. ‘m honestly just tired of people IRL constantly mocking me for something I enjoy.

Is it really a joke when you’re mocking me all the time?

Well, also, I’m kinda out of PokeBalls too…


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