Bleugh. European Parliament backs copyright changes. Because they are dicks.

First off, a link. To the BBC. Because they understand that stuff better than I do and they’re pretty unbiased. But also because I can’t find any real talk about this on the major news websites I normally visit. Which is suspicious as fuck. Like, seriously.

Secondly, another link. To a website that I guess wants to do something about it. And with which I can put a ton of blame on France because they voted like 90% for all this stuff. Like seriously. Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania and Estonia all get a lot of blame as well. As do the two Cypriot members of the EU parliament who voted for the mandate as well.

Thirdly, you’re supposed to be better than this, European Union.

Fourthly, what the whole damn Article 13 thing asks for is literally impossible. The whole thing spits in the face of fair use, parodies and remixes and would be impossible to create anyway. There’s no such thing as a ‘filter’ that can detect copyrighted material.

Fifthly, Article 11 is retarded. If news sites want people to pay for their news, then they should put their stuff behind a paywall, not encode payments to them into law. Although this is probably the reason why literally no one has been reporting on this. Guardian in particular, I expected better of you.

Actually, I expected better from everyone. Everyone’s a cunt. Even me. I could have done more to try and stop this. Sure, the two old fools who voted for this and represent me as a Cypriot citizen would have ignored me anyway, but still. We all should have been better people.

I’m still blaming France. And everyone who voted for the mandate. And the EU in general. They can do great things, like the GDPR which gives the end user more control on how companies use their data (even if we got spammed with emails from companies who have our data asking if they can still use it), but then they take two steps back with things like this.

So yeah. Shit.

In the mean time, it’s up to individual countries as to how they want to honour all of this. Right now though, Article 13 is impossible to implement and Article 11 is just asking for trouble. The European Parliament also needs to decide on how this mandate will be drafted into law – as it stands, right now, none of this is in effect yet, and there are discussions on changing the language so that parodies and fair use are allowed to continue as normal.

This doesn’t make Brexit any better though. That’s a whole different pile of fucked up, even if Britian was ever so slightly more against the mandate than for it. By like 1-2 people. But frankly, the UK is utterly fucked if they carry on the way they’re going. What remaining power they have as a financial hub will evaporate overnight if they go through with Brexit. And on top of that, the UK is losing easy, duty-free access to its biggest and closest trading partners, as well as considering getting rid of things like human rights as proposed by the EU.

Oh and none of that money is going towards the NHS. Brexiters got played.


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