On Hating Other Warframes in Missions

Once upon a time, someone asked me to stop using Speed in a mission. It was a void fissure mission and I’d gotten the fancy void buff on my Warframe, which increased my Power Strength by quite a bit. At the same time I was using my Excessive Speed build which had high power strength. This caused my Speed buff to become a little too strong. So understandably, the other guy didn’t want to be running into walls. They asked politely, I made sure I was out of range and used Speed when I was on my own. No problems, we all went home happy with a Forma blueprint. I also informed them that they could backflip out of a Volt’s speed, same way you can roll out of Limbo’s Rift.

Everyone was fine.

Once upon a time, when playing with some clan mates, two of them decided to go Mesa. It was a Sortie Defense, you know the ones with the dumb operatives, so we wanted to get things done nice and fast. A fourth person joined us, saw two Mesas then left, not wanting to be surrounded by “no skill kill-stealing mesas”. We finished the mission super fast, and the kills were split pretty evenly as well, especially since I had to revive the Mesas a couple of times and it was a large map.

We were all fine.

Once upon a time, when doing a Mobile Defense mission, a Titania complained that there was a Limbo on the team and that she wouldn’t be able to use her abilities. The Limbo may have been using a low range build, but the Titania didn’t care. She left, causing a host migration that forced us all to have to redo the mission.

We weren’t fine, but we did the mission again with the Limbo and everything turned out alright.

I don’t really get why people get so pissed off upon seeing Warframes they don’t like, to the point that they cause problems themselves. Because the majority of Warframe missions are insanely fast.

And by insanely fast, I MEAN insanely fast. You can finish an Exterminate or Capture mission in minutes. In fact, depending on the map and planet, you can spend more time loading than capturing. Exterminate, Capture, Rescue, Sabotage, these are all missions that can be done quickly. Only Exterminate has a real capacity to go slowly if you don’t have the ability to kill quickly, but even then, it’s just killing.

So generally, you are in a mission for such a short amount of time that you can get away from players you don’t like insanely quickly.

Even Defense and Interception aren’t too bad. After five waves or one successfully captured transmission, you can extract and leave annoying players in Warframes you don’t like behind. Really, it’s just Survival and Excavation, which don’t let you extract on your own.

My point is, in Warframe you don’t spend very long with other players, so annoying ones are fleeting.

But because of the fleeting time spent with most players, you seem to remember the annoying players more, simply because they stand out. But they’re still fleeting. Yeah, that Limbo was a pain in the ass. Yeah that Ember killed everyone before we could. Yeah that Volt was too fast. But they are gone now. You’ll be paired with other, forgettable people soon enough.

Unless they’re leeching. Then you should be allowed to get angry at them, because they’re doing fuck all while you work for your rewards. Whether you leave them and abandon them to the hell that is Host Migration, that’s up to you. But do check that they are actually a leech first. Because sometimes you can end up doing 0 damage simply because you loaded late into an Exterminate mission.

Same applies for people genuinely pissing you off or griefing the mission or whatever. If someone is being a dick, just leave. It’s not worth wasting time trying to deal with them.

But the majority of the time, every other player you’re with just wants to finish the mission as soon as possible so they can get their loot and move on. There’s no point complaining about them because they want the same thing you do.


Precious loot.


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