My First Pokemon GO raid

I was supposed to go out for coffee with my mum and my bro, but after joining a local Pokemon GO Facebook group, plans changed slightly. There was a 5 star raid going on, only ten minutes away. The cafe we went to had jo diet drinks apart from black coffee, so mum wasn’t too annoyed with the two of us buggering off to do a raid. We got the messages, six other people were going to the raid, so two more sets of six Pokemon to throw at this raid would have been helpful.

It was just down the road, near the courts. We all met up across the road, under the shade of a tree. Four Cypriot men, all around 21-28, me, brother and an older German couple. The German couple and one of the Cypriots had two phones each, with two different accounts. The egg hatched into a Regirock, a rock-type Pokemon as the name suggests, with 49,000 CP.

That blue guy was like the only blue guy in town. Everyone else is team Edgy Red People
That blue guy was like the only blue guy in town. Everyone else is team Edgy Red People. And yes, my Pokemon suck, but that was what was recommended to me. The Raikou apparently has an IV of about 90%.

We all shook hands and sort of introduced ourselves. We were clearly the newbies on the block, bro at level 25 and me freshly at level 24. I’d actually met the Cypriot with two accounts a couple of times before. We readied our Pokemon and got ready to go.

The battle started. Everyone else had legendaries and all sorts. There were two Lugias, some Kyogres, a shiny Vapreon or two and Alolan Exeggutors that put my own dragon tree to shame.

Of course, my stuff got wrecked. To my Exeggutor’s credit, he managed to get a few Solar Beams out but once he was dead, the Regirock tore through the rest of my squad. Only my Pinser did anything to help. Luckily, after all my Pokemon got knocked out, I could go back in with some more, because everyone else was still going strong and the Regirock had a quarter of its health left.

Enter my Alolan Raikou. That bastard somehow managed to survive for the entirety of that last quarter of the fight. How? I have no idea. But the fight ended with a slither of health left. The other random Pokemon didn’t even get a chance to fight.

I have no idea how this guy didn't die. He has hardly any health.
I have no idea how this guy didn’t die. He has hardly any health.

We won the fight. Now onto the ‘easy’ part. Time to try and catch that Regirock. Apparently, even with excellent curve throws, Regirock only has a 30% capture rate.

The sad thing is, out of 8 people and 13 accounts, only two people managed to capture the Regirock. It escaped for everyone else. Most of the people there were team red, so me and bro only got 7 balls. No, we didn’t manage ro catch it.

I did get 20k experience though, as I used my one Lucky Egg. It got me about a fifth of the way to level 25.

We thanked everyone. The German couple and the guy with two phones chatted, and we added them as friends. After some conversation, we decided to head back.

Bro and I planned to stop by the gyms and pokestops down the road, but it turns out I’m a twat. I slipped on a particularly smooth concrete ramp and chipped off part of my big toenail. Since I was wearing sandals and it’s dusty as heck, we decided to get home. After all, I can’t risk getting an infection.

On the plus side, I managed to evolve an Alolan Diglett. It’s literally just a Dugtrio with fucking blond hair.

Author’s Note: This article’s a little dated. But we had way better stuff to publish. Oh well.


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