Dreams of the Most Badass Game Ever

You ever get a dream that’s so awesome and badass that you wake up and think “HOLY FUCK I WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN?” Well that’s what I had the other night. To the point that I still vividly remember parts of it later on. It was a dream about the most badass game ever. And sadly, a game that will never exist, most likely due to licensing and copyrights.

So, this dream was presented to me in the form of a comic convention and a magazine stand filled with copies of PC Gamer. Some sort of special edition magazine with a huge middle section you can cut out and keep, documenting this brand new game. Most of my dream is me reading this magazine that had videos and hologram popups.

The game’s theme was high sci-fi. A strange mashup between Bionicle and Transformers, with Anthem/Destiny 2/Warframe graphics. It was more Transformers based on looks but was heavily based on Bionicle lore, with Toa and Makuta and all that, except with different names.

When I say Bionicle-like, I mean it. This badass combination of Bionicle and Transformers, with standard Toa elemental powers and the ability to shapeshift if one is powerful enough.

Gameplay would be two-fold. While most of the game was open world, something akin to Skyrim and perhaps even Destiny 2’s patrolling mode, races and gladiator battles would be essential to unlocking teleporters and space ports to access other locations and worlds. Players would be able to transform into vehicles of their choice and purchase upgrades for their vehicle forms.

Weapons come in two forms as well – guns would be built from parts found while patrolling (or sometimes won in races and arenas) and melee blades built into the player characters themselves, part of the transforming ability. But on top of that you’d be able to transform between various shapes, no matter where you were, from a combat vehicle mode to. Combat, according to the videos, was very fast paced, closer to Warframe, but with enemies being like the Hyena Pack rather than Grineer grunts.

As for character creation, that was the best bit. You could play as one of six default characters (with weird dream versions of Pohatu, Tahu and Kopaka being used in promotional material) or pick and choose parts to build your own character. It was basically an online DIY Transformer Bionicle creator. You pick your colours, you pick your starter build (because there’s RPG elements as well), you pick a vehicle form (and perhaps an animal form as well) and you head on your way, out into a few tutorial missions and then off into the open world areas.

The story was also pretty interesting as well. From what I remember, players start off as newbies in an evil organization (somewhat like Decepticons but with more Makuta), doing missions for said group and realising over time that maybe this organization is evil. You then struggle to break free and find yourself on three paths – continuing with the evil organization, working with various good guys or being a mercenary on your own, before everything converges against a universal threat that even the bad guys have to do something about. Along the way you fight alongside both good and evil badasses, as well as revamped Bionicle and Transformer characters.

Basically, it was all awesome, and in my dream I got to play a demo this game.

Unfortunately, in my excitement, I never caught the name of this game or anything like that. It didn’t actually sound anything like this article. So this is just a tribute. You gotta believe me. And I wish you were there. Just a matter of opinion.

Or just wishful thinking.

I dunno.

Some Bohrok
I don’t think I can put my dream into pictures, so here’s some Bohrok.


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