5 Things To Do Before Fortuna is Released

Fortuna, the massive expansion and somewhat open world area of Venus, is fast approaching, with developers Digital Extremes claiming that it’ll come out in November. On top of that, secret messages have been sent out, teasing Fortuna and the Orb Vallis further. But before we all jump into our landing crafts and head down to Venus, there’s probably a few things we should do first.

Get an Archwing Launcher

The Orb Vallis is a very big place, at least double the size of the Plains of Eidolon. We’re going to need a way to get around quickly and we probably won’t have K-Drives available straight away. Our next best bet is the Archwing Launcher, Archwing made available in open spaces.

To do that though, you need two things: to complete the quest The Archwing (available from the Junction to Mars) and you need to join a clan so you can get the Archwing Launcher Segment. Sadly, the latter requires you to join a clan that has researched the Archwing Launcher Segment so you can buy the blueprint, and also requires a Mastery Rank of 5 to build.

Once you have those though, you’ll be free to fly around.

Get the mining gear from Old Man Subaat.

Mining is pretty much guaranteed to return in Orb Vallis, the same way it does on the Plains. Although they’re changing the way the mining tools work (from tracing a line to a timing-based minigame), it’s worth getting the mining gear now, because chances are there’s going to be more things you need to mine for in Fortuna, and it’s better to be prepared. The advanced cutter also has the handy trick of marking ores on your mini-map, making mining a far easier task.

Get yourself an Amp because there’s most likely going to be Sentients soon

Although the big spider bosses and all that are going to be drip-fed to us slowly, it’s still worth upgrading your Amp. The Mote Amp is a genuinely godawful thing and the normal, amp-less Space Kids are nowhere near as useful without amps at all, due to the fact that, without an amp, your Void Beam, Void Dash and Void Cloak all use the same energy pool.

Honestly, just a tier 1 amp will do, using all the cheapest parts from the Quills. ANYTHING is better than the damn Mote Amp. But having an Amp is better than not having an Amp. Because then you’ve got more energy to use Void Dashes to travel further.

Why do I think there will be Sentients though? Well, that flying Eidolon has been teased a few times lately. Wouldn’t surprise me if they made it part of Fortuna until the spider bosses were ready…

Build a speedy Warframe

It’s worth reiterating that the Orb Vallis is big. Very big. It’s really worth investing in a Warframe to take to Fortuna and beyond.

I don’t mean “just get Volt”. I really don’t, because Volt’s speed isn’t to everyone’s taste. There’s actually several frames you can work with. Zephyr, Titania and Nova all provide insanely good ways to get around that don’t require you to sprint to each destination, while Loki allows you to be more tactical with your mobility, switch-teleporting between locations with ease. All those frames are also pretty good multi-purpose Warframes as well, with Zephyr offering tankiness, Titania offering status immunity and Nova offers a HUGE amount of slowing and crowd control.

Put aside some Platinum for companion slots so you can get a pet MOA as fast as possible

Last but not least, we’re all going to want a pet MOA. For me, it’s one of the better things coming with Fortuna, because I always wanted a pet MOA. But we’re going to need slots for these MOA companions, same way we need slots for Zaws and slots for Kitguns.

You won’t need much platinum though. A Stasis slot for a companion is 10 platinum, but MOAs are robots, so you’ll probably need to spend 12 platinum for 2 Sentinel slots. You’ll probably need 2 slots per MOA though, as current Sentinels need 1 slot for themselves and 1 slot for their weapons.

That platinum isn’t hard to get. Just run some Void Fissure missions, pick the rarest, non-forma items, then wait until Baro Ki’Teer appears. Loads of people will want to buy random Prime parts in exchange for Platinum.

One bonus tip: Use the promo code SOLARISUNITED in the Warframe market. Unlocks a very nice sigil called Lift Together.

Anyway, those are my tips to help get ready for Fortuna.

I can’t wait!


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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