The Tenno Queen of the Pixies

I joined Warframe during the Specters of the Rail update. Not long afterwards, a new character was added, whose construction involved collecting ingredients on various planets, mainly Earth. This was great for newbie me, because it meant loads of high level players were around to do the harder mission types, like Mobile Defence and Survival. I would also see people actually taking their time on missions, something that would become a rare sight later on in my Warframe adventures.

But eventually, I moved away from Earth and made my journey around the solar system. I saw a handful of people using this new Warframe, most notably Davjo, but I never considered getting the new character for myself.

The ability to punch things is optional.
The ability to punch things is optional. As is my rather ludicrous choice in colour scheme. Still, yellow and blue stands out, at least…

That was until a small update added a quest icon. I had only really seen the icon on the navigation (i.e. mission selection) screen, but one day, I was wandering around a relay on my own and I saw these two icons. The first one was obvious, it was to rescue Darvo’s friend Clem, a quest I still haven’t done because I don’t know why. It’s a side mission, Clem is a cool (apparently) character and it’s a bit of fun. But I am certain it will involve multiple Rescue missions and I hate Rescue missions almost as much as I hate Spy missions.

The other mission, called the Silver Grove, was in the New Loka Syndicate hangout place. The pretty woman there wanted me to protect a sacred place on E Prime, my favourite hang out spot. This was in fact the start of the quest to obtain Titania, the newest Warframe after the newly Nidus (yes, I have bad timing when it comes to articles – didn’t think Nidus would be out so soon). The weirdest thing though, this quest was supposed to be locked from me, until I hit MR8. Yet there I was, doing it as a newly turned MR7 person.

The quest itself involved that aforementioned ingredient gathering. The silly person that I am, I gathered all the ingredients (all of them) before doing the quest.

This involved waiting for day/night cycles on Earth.
This involved waiting for day/night cycles on Earth.

The quest itself was quite nice and simple. You play Hotter or Colder with the New Loka woman to find the Silver Grove, make it speak, realise that it’s a person trapped Second-Dream-like in the grove, then you have to defend it from those bastard Grineer scumbags who want to set it all on fire.

The reward is Titania. She requires a lot of hard-to-get Nitain and isn’t very easy to use. Her first ability is a stun effect that makes enemies float away. Her second does high damage to a target and creates a buff that you have to pick up. Her third ability causes an enemy to be attacked by a bunch of razorwings (butterflies) and then explode. Ber forth ability makes her tiny and lets her fly.

Out of that kit, Razorwing Mode, the ability to fly is the best. You lose your weapons, but the new weapons you get, Dex Pixia (machinegun pistols) and Diwata (a sword of sorts) get extra power based off of both your mods and your weapons. It’s basically Archwing indoors but better. Much easier to control. Unfortunately you can’t use it forever because it drains energy per second, but with a high enough Primed Flow, you can keep it up for a long time. An extra bonus is that while in Razorwing mode, you spawn six butterflies of death which draw aggro from enemies.

Flying is fun.
Flying is fun.

Everything else is okay at best. I’ve noticed that her first and third abilities sometimes just don’t work, either failing to hit multiple targets, exploding too soon/late or simply not activating at all. Really, the exploding enemy thing isn’t of much use anyway because everything else gets killed by bullets before the explosion happens. And while the buffs you can get from her second ability are alright, you need to collect four of them to have any noticeable effect and the fact that you have to stop and pick them up yourself is just awkward.

That being said, it’s worth it for the very alien-looking frame and the ability to fly.

If only normal Archwing was like Titania…


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 45% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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