Easy Things To Sell For Platinum

The way Warframe is set up, you can easily play Warframe and never spend a penny on it. But in order to do so, you do need to wander into the world of trading. While I’ve mentioned a few things that can make you a quick buck before, I think it’s time to have an updated list of things guaranteed to get you some Platinum.

Whether you wade through the Trade Chat in-game or sit in your dojo waiting for people to message you via warframe.market is up to you, but these things will pretty much always help build up some Platinum reserves.

Maroo's Bazaar does have other uses though. You can trade your Ayatan items with her for endo, see what other people are selling and hang out in a pretty cool little relay.
I’d recommend avoiding Maroo’s for trades though. They simply don’t get enough traffic and are filled with newbies who should be doing missions rather than trying to trade.

Anasa Ayatan Sculptures

With the appearance of Arbitrations, the price of normal Ayatan Sculptures is going to steadily fall. But Anasa Sculptures have a particular appeal to them, and are strictly limited to being a potential reward once a day. They also provide the most Endo when filled with stars. Because of their value and somewhat awkward rarity, you can reliably sell filled Anasa Sculptures for anywhere between 12 platinum and 20 platinum each. The only downside? They have to be filled with all four stars and most people will only want to buy them in quantities of 3 or more, due to the expensive trade taxes.

Veiled Riven Mods

Selling Riven Mods is actually pretty hard. There’s a huge market for them and buyers can be very, very fussy. There’s also not that many weapons that people will automatically buy Riven Mods for. Sure, a Scoliac Riven, even after the changes to melee to stop them going through walls, will still sell for 150-200 Platinum easily if it has good stats on it, but the chances of actually even getting a Scoliac Riven are insanely low. Most of the time, you’ll unveil a Riven Mod and get something that’s alright. If it’s for a weapon you like, you can keep it, but selling anything that isn’t top tier will be a struggle. If you want Platinum, it is ALWAYS better to sell Veiled Rivens since they are always in demand.

The best time to sell Veiled Riven Mods though is just before or at the start of a new update. Many players will horde Rivens, so they have a chance at opening them and getting Riven Mods for brand new items. Most of the time, people won’t get nice Rivens, they’ll just get another worthless Fang Riven, but that’s on them, not you.

Brand New Items

There are a lot of people in Warframe who are actually pretty lazy and, just so they can have the brand new stuff RIGHT NOW, are willing to pay lots of Platinum for new things. New Prime Access things are a great example of this, as plenty of people will be scrambling to get the new things to test them out. Even common parts from new relics will go for more than usual simply because they’re NEW SHINIES and people need them NOW. Heck, some people are willing to spend Platinum buying RELICS for the new shinies!

This does require some prior investment though. It’s worth saving up all of your Syndicate standing before any new releases so you can buy relic packs for new Prime items and making sure you’re up to date on quests before new content arrives.

Unfortunately, making profit off brand new items is mostly luck, but it only takes a little bit of luck to make some profit.

Just remember, there’s almost always someone willing to buy things. Especially if they’re new items.

Jeez. I think I’m slowly turning into some Corpus boss or something. The question is, am I Nef Anyo or am I Ergo Glast? Probably the latter, since only a do-gooder Syndicate-running fool would be willing to give away money-making secrets.


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