Ways to Help Newbies

Ever since the Plains of Eidolon were announced, there’s been a constant stream of new players. Unfortunately Warframe does a horrendous job of explaining things, so a lot of these newbies need help. But you don’t need to be an MR20+ player to help newbies, anyone can give them a hand!

Here’s a few ways to help new players. Because they genuinely need it.

Hang around on Region and Recruitment Chat

There’s always people asking questions, so why not answer some of them? There’s also always people asking for help with missions (often defense missions, which are pretty hard to do on your own) but they often just get directed to Recruitment Chat, where they get overrun by people wanting to open relics, farm Polymer Bundles or share Mutalist Alad V keys. But older players can jump the gap and give all those newbies a hand.

Hang around in Cetus, Fortuna and the low level Relays

Warframe doesn’t even explain what relays are, and most newbies have no idea where to go. Simply telling people they can use Fast Travel in public areas so they don’t get lost and that they can practice mastery tests in Simaris’s room is a godsend to newbies.

Play low level missions required for Junctions

You can find newbies all over the place, but you can reliably find them in places where they have to be in order to progress and complete Junctions. For example, you need to do 10 waves of Tessera on Venus in order to reach the Mercury Junction, so why not head there and give them a hand? Other good places to go are Suisei on Mercury (a Spy mission), the Jackal, Captain Vor and Lech Kril assassinations and low level bounties in the Plains and the Orb Vallis.

It’s worth taking non-nuking frames though. Take things like Oberon and Trinity, who can buff newbies and let them do the work without carrying them, while also keeping out of the way.

Hand Out Useful Mods

Serration is one of the main required mods for Warframe, increasing the base damage of your guns. But it is strangely inaccessible. The Flawed version (formerly called Damaged Serration) is absolutely awful and not worth leveling up as well. So why not help people out by giving people copies of Serration? This applies to other required mods as well. While a newbie won’t find any use for something like Transient Fortitude (+ability strength, -ability duration), a non-flawed Streamline or Flow will do them wonders. Continuity is also a big mod as well, since you have the choice of getting to wave 20 on a defense mission for a 10% chance or having to go all the way to the Void or Saturn for a chance at it. Most of these mods are mods that you’ll have a ton of anyway, so it’s not like you’ll miss them.

Other useful mods are the Plains of Eidolon set mods, most notably things like Augur Pact (+90% damage for pistols) and Augur Message (+24% ability duration). These mods are cheap to level up and easy to fit in low level, non-potatoed items.

Help them get credits and resources

Credits and Endo are the two main drawbacks for new players. While they may know of places like Romula and Seimeni, they might not have the best weapons. So why not take a nuke frame and help speed things up for them? I’d recommend against taking them to the Index though, since you do need a good loadout for that. Just having Rhino isn’t enough for the Index.

Simply playing Nekros is also a good idea. Even on nodes like Seimeni, a Nekros can help get a few more Orokin Cells and things like that.

Invite them to your clan or point them in the direction of a newbie-friendly clan.

Assuming you have invite privileges and the capacity to do so, a clan is a great place for newbies to learn and ask questions, and actually have them answered. Newbies can also get access to easily buildable Warframes and things like Energy Restores, use the obstacle courses to practice their parkour skills and have a place where they can trade.

Randomly play low level missions and alerts and just go with the flow.

Sometimes, you’ll be paired up with new players just by accident. So, rather than immediately leaving the squad, why not just hang around with them? Let the newbie pick the next mission and see where they want to go. At the very least, I’m sure they’ll enjoy the company.

A Blade of Excaliburs

Just remember, we were all newbies once. We needed help, so will other newbies. A little help goes a long way.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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