Worms – An Odd Party Game

Sometimes the Jackbox Party Pack Games, games like Drawful and Survive the Internet, aren’t the sort of party game you want. Sometimes beating the shit out of each other as weird, brightly coloured rubber men isn’t the sort of thing you want as a party game either. Sometimes you want something intellectual, with a bit of strategy. Something that doesn’t involve trivia or anything like that. Out of all the games one could end up playing, the last time I had people round, we somehow ended up playing Worms Armageddon.

That being said, the early Worms games have their own unique look. The first Worms game was a lot less cuddly than Worms Armageddon.

You know, that ancient game where you control little pink worms that blow each other up with a variety of zany weapons.

Sure, there’s a bunch of newer games. Heck, Worms: WMD came out not too long ago and it genuinely looks pretty damn fun. There’s the 3D games as well but they’re awkward to play. But nothing beats a good old classic like Worms 2, Worms Armageddon or Worms World Party. We always tend to lean towards Worms Armageddon because it’s the most familiar for us all.

Thing is, Worms isn’t a party game at all. Not really. Especially when you consider how many people can play. Worms Armageddon for the Playstation One, the original version I played, only allowed up to four teams of four worms. Worms Armageddon for the PC (both the version on Steam and the version I got in a bundle with Worms 2) allowed for up to 8 teams with 8 worms a team. It actually wasn’t until I got Worms Armageddon for PC that I realised just how limited the old PSOne version was. But no matter what version you’re playing or how many players you have, you’re basically tied to one way to control the game, either a keyboard or a controller. So really, you’re playing pass the parcel while you play Worms.

The controls aren’t even that intuitive for first-timers.

But still, Worms works. Because it’s so stupid.

The premise is literally just blowing up the opposing teams’ worms with massive guns, while trying not to fall into water. That simple fun is multiplied by like, a thousand, if everyone involved is plastered.

Sure, there’s a competitive side to Worms. It’s a very strategic game. But when you’re not being competitive, Worms is hilarious. There’s so many things blowing up. There’s so many things that can go right or wrong. To the point that you’ll find yourself cheering for just managing to jump across gaps and not killing yourself with fall damage. Again.

Even a little competition goes the right way though. Whenever I’ve played Worms as a party game, I’ve noticed people working with or against each other, making secret plans and jeopardizing each other for laughs. The best thing though is when someone fucks up majorly and blows themselves up. Especially if it’s the person who’s currently winning.

Most of the time, the game is so random (especially with 3+ players) that anything can happen. And since most people aren’t very good at Worms games, every mistake is met with drunk laughter. It doesn’t matter though because everyone is having fun.

So yeah, next time you have a computer at a party and need a party game? Why not try Worms? You’ll have so much fun blowing up everything but each other. Passing a controller around and accidentally killing your worms is part of the experience.

Or alternatively try the best game for drunk people, Gang Beasts.


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