5 Shotguns You Should Try in Warframe

Shotguns are always a fun weapon type. Limited mag sizes, slow reload speeds but a fuckton of damage, all neatly wrapped inside a cool-looking gun. Sure, reload times will be a problem, but that doesn’t matter when you can spray enemies with death in pellet form. Or some other form, because Warframe shotguns are weird, crazy things. Anyway, here are five shotguns that you should really try and aren’t the Tigris Prime. Because the Tigris Prime is hard to get and insanely over-hyped these days.

The Corinth

Th Corinth is a Tenno-made shotgun that was hyped for an insanely long time. It looks beautiful, it sounds beautiful, it feels beautiful and, if smellovision was a thing, it would probably smell beautiful as well. The Corinth is actually a pretty normal shotgun that deals high damage but has a very nice explosive alternate-fire that also deals nice damage. Basically a shotgun with a grenade launcher underneath. The Corinth also has a very nice metallic trim, making it a fine accessory for any primed Warframe.

The Exergis

A brand new Corpus Shotgun that was released alongside the Profit-Taker bounties, the Exergis fires a single blast of shotgun-y energy. It’s basically a Corpus version of the Tigris Prime except… Well, I was going to say it was easier to get, but the Exergis requires parts from the Profit-Taker bounties, which requires max rank with Solaris United. Luckily, the Exergis is the cheapest weapon of the Profit-Taker content to build, and does feel very satisfying to use, even if you have to reload a lot.

The Astilla

Why fire traditional pellets when you can fire exploding glass shrapnel at your enemies? The Astilla is Gara’s unique weapon, with its blueprint readily available on the market. While ideally you should follow a pretty traditional shotgun build for the Astilla, this glass shotgun is the most fun when you turn it into a rapid-fire shotgun of death and explosions, giving it a high fire rate. It’s a billion times more satisfying than Gara’s other weapons, glass throwing knives and a glass hammer.

The Phantasma

The Phantasma is awesome. It’s basically a shotgun version of the Ignis with a fricking grenade launcher attached to it. Being a shotgun, the Phantasma has potentially more damage but a much, much shorter range. The grenade launcher alternate fire is also insanely strong and will very easily kill both you and every enemy caught in its radius in an awesome explosion of particle effects. The only downside to the Phantasma is that it’s really fucking ugly and doesn’t like bright colours. Which is a tad weird since it’s a weapon made out of bits of Sentient.

Revenant using the Phantasma against a Mimic
Revenant using the Phantasma against a Mimic

The Arca Plasmor

The Arca Plasmor is basically the number 1 shotgun. Everyone uses it because it’s so damn awesome. A Corpus-built weapon, the Arca Plasmor fires three massive globules of energy, which can give you headshots with ease and come with some innate punch through, meaning you can tag those hard-to-reach enemies. It’s big, it feels chunky and it really does throw on the damage, even if you don’t properly mod it. You don’t even need to worry too much about getting 100% status chance or high crit chance because the Arca Plasmor’s three energy balls are just so damn good. Ammo might become an issue in longer missions, but if you’re using Carrier, that’s not a problem at all.

There are plenty of other shotguns in Warframe, such as the aforementioned Tigris Prime, the newbie-friendly Hek and Strun or more niche weapons like the Phage or the Convectrix, but frankly, they’re all either boring old pellet-based shotguns or a pain in the backside to use.

Especially the Convectrix.

My recommendation? Get the Arca Plasmor as soon as you can. But give them all a go because these are all really fun weapons to use.


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