Body Diversity in Warframe

You know what’s cool about all these different Warframes? Their body diversity. There’s a Warframe for pretty much every body shape you want, and plenty of variety in general.

I mean, if you want busty and with big hips, there’s Saryn, sitting there waiting for you. If you want a smaller shape and smaller breasts, there’s Mag. If you want a curvy body with a spectacular backside that’s perfectly visible through a window, then Mesa Prime is the perfect fit for you. Khora is the best if you want a curvy body and a dominatrix at the same time. If you want a good body but it’s obscured by weird lobster attachments, then Trinity has your back. There’s also plenty in between, with Nova, Valkyr and Garuda all sporting nice but different bodies.

Stupid Sexy Mirage
Stupid Sexy Mirage

And the brand new frame Hildryn fills in the missing spot of a female, muscular, somewhat bodybuilder-like frame. Really, Hildryn looks amazing.

All the female frames look amazing, when you think about it.

Stupid Sexy Ember
This is Ember’s butt, but it will do.

But even if you don’t want any of that, Titania lacks a more humanoid form and barely have any breasts at all, while Octavia is basically a stick insect. So there’s something for everyone.

What’s more important though is how the same applies for male frames. There is a huge body diversity not just for female frames but for male frames as well.

You want a huge tank of a male frame? Obviously Rhino has your back. You want a normally muscular frame? Well Excalibur is there. You want beefy but not as beefy as Rhino? Atlas has you covered. You want slightly less beefy? Then Ash is there for you. And if you aren’t looking for your normal beef cake, there’s still a lot of options. Loki and Volt are there if you want a skinnier, more agile body, and if you want something almost feminine, Nezha is always there for you. Just don’t call him a trap, he hates that.

Stupid Sexy Frost
Stupid Sexy Frost

And then there’s the options for ass. You see, male or female, there’s enough ass for everyone. If you want zero ass what so ever, then Volt is available, because he literally has no ass. Although the best asses belong to the Nezha and Nidus deluxe skins, at least in my opinion.

Even if you want something more covered up, there are multiple frames that do that, including Frost, Hydroid and Equinox.

What’s my point after all this? My point is that there’s a nice shape for everyone in Warframe. The only thing not available is a morbidly overweight Warframe, but that’s a lot more… niche than normal and frankly, it probably wouldn’t look great. Then again, there IS an inflated Lotus glyph available.

But all these options have been around for a long time. There has always been variety, it’s not just a new thing. Admittedly the variation has been available for females longer than males (since frames like Nezha and Nidus came at later dates) but it has mostly always been there.

And that’s nice. It’s nice that there’s something for everyone.



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