Treecko Community Day

Well another Community Day has been and gone. This one featured Treecko, the Generation 3 grass starter Pokemon and number 1 in the Hoenn national Pokedex. But this Community Day was ever so slightly different.

I mean, the normal stuff wasn’t different at all. A ton of Treeckos spawned, mostly replacing the spawns of every other Pokemon. Lure Modules had a longer timer on them and for this event, all eggs put into incubators hatched four times faster than normal (which meant the one 10km egg I got hatched in 2.5km instead of 10). Treeckos were everywhere, but Lure Modules and Incenses weren’t guaranteed to spawn only Treeckos, so the normal stuff that spawned was appearing as well, just in smaller amounts.

I went through so many model packs trying to find Sceptile and Grovyle models.
I went through so many model packs trying to find Sceptile and Grovyle models.

No, the thing that was different was the time. Normally Community Day events are from noon until 3pm. Treecko’s Community Day was from 3pm until 6pm. I admit I got caught out, walked to the place where we normally do Community Day stuff at noon then checked the event notification and realised I’d screwed up, but that’s okay because I don’t work Saturdays. I went home, cracked out an article and came back at 3pm, all was good. Everyone caught a lot of shinies. I mean, I caught 9 and that was on the low end of the scale for the local group. It did take a while to get started though, as my first shiny was caught 25 minutes into the event (with an amazing 17% IV). And unfortunately, despite it being sunny for the entirety of last week, it was cloudy only during the 3 hours of the event, so no weather boosted Treeckos for me. Typical.

Then again, the weather had threatened to cloud over at noon. Oh well.

The 3pm-6pm time slot seems alright at first. It means that people finishing work might be able to catch the last hour of the event, and it’s not during meal time for anyone so you won’t have to deal with hungry kids or anything. On the flip side, a noon til 3 event means that some people will be able to escape during a lunch break and catch a few Pokemon. I’m kinda wondering if that was what happened on Treecko’s Community Day because I actually saw far fewer people than normal…

I mean, ideally a Community Day should last a whole day, with middling spawns throughout the day and a massive Community Day Pokemon takeover during a three hour period, but I don’t know. There’s always going to be people who miss out and I genuinely have no idea if noon til 3 or 3 til 6 had better turnouts overall.

Anyway, as for Treecko and his ilk? Well, Sceptile with the Community Day Move, Frenzy Plant, IS a pretty good move and it was definitely worth evolving a couple to have, because Frenzy Plant is a very strong grass move and it’s also very good in PvP, but the thing is, it’s not really useful anywhere unless Kyogre or Groudon come back for Legendary raids or you’re fighting Raids with Water or Ground Type Pokemon.

Of course, the twat that I am, I evolved 7 of them. I mean, you HAVE to evolve a shiny Treecko and a couple for normal use, but I already had 2 very good Lucky Treeckos from the distant past that have been waiting since last year to evolve. I got carried away and evolved my best and highest Treeckos, but I also had to evolve a very special Treecko.

A 0% Treecko!
A 0% Treecko!

I found a 0% Treecko. Just as rare as a 100% Treecko and only about 30% as bad as a 100% one. And I HAD to evolve it.

My beloved 0% Pokemon. Even if he has no good stats, I will cherish him nonetheless.
My beloved 0% Pokemon. Even if he has no good stats, I will cherish him nonetheless.

I mean, I had spare candy, it would have been wrong to leave that guy as a Treecko. The only way that guy could have been better was if he was a shiny, but frankly he was the very last Treecko I caught during the event, right on the 5:59pm mark so it’s possible he might have changed anyway.

I’ll probably put him in a slot in level 1-4 raids if I ever get the chance.

Honestly though, Treecko’s shiny is REALLY nice. Grovyle’s shiny is really nice as well. Sceptile’s shiny is nice but it’s a lot of one colour, which is a shame. The more teal-green colour on Treecko and Grovyle just doesn’t carry over.

Overall though, it was a really nice Community Day. I’m neutral on the time slot changes though. I can’t say whether they’re better or worse.


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