Finding and Fighting the Wolf of Saturn Six

You know that whole Nightwave thing? The thing about a Wolf? A Wolf of Saturn Six? Yeah, there’s a guy called the Wolf and he has a bunch of buddies and we need to kill or capture them all. Occasionally. That’s the whole theme of this Nightwave event. Kinda.

While we do random tasks to please Nora Night, there’s a chance that Saturn Six Prisoners might spawn. You murder these guys and capture them like, well, capture targets. But occasionally, you might get a visit from the Wolf himself. When I say “occasionally”, I mean insanely rarely. By insanely rarely, I mean I’ve only seen him twice in five weeks. One of those times, I was on the phone and my clan mates killed him so I didn’t get to see any of the action. I just killed one of the Saturn Six stragglers the Wolf had left behind.

The other time I fought him, it was a long, boring fight.

The Wolf of Saturn Six
The Wolf of Saturn Six

You see, the Wolf is nothing but a wall of flesh and armour. He deals decent damage to us if he hits us, he can turn into a tornado and he can lob his weapon at us. He is also completely invulnerable to all Warframe abilities and Status effects, like Corrosive armour stripping, Slash procs, being slowed by Cold damage or the panic effect from Heat.

The strategy with the Wolf is to literally just shoot at him until he dies. Preferably with Radiation damage, since that’s the only thing the Wolf is weak against, although Void damage (what your Operator’s amp fires), is actually an okay second choice, as long as you’re not using a Mote amp. If you opt for a weapon, you want one with crits. Otherwise your guns won’t do much at all.

What also helps hugely is a distraction. The Wolf may be big and bulky but he has trouble hitting things. Like Kavats. Or Venari. Or both. Or a level 15 Volt Specter.

You see, the one time I fought the Wolf properly, I was credit farming solo on Seimeni and had 2 unranked weapons on me (a new melee and a freshly forma’d Pyrana Prime), plus my Ignis modded for Viral damage for the daily Nightframe challenge. I kid you not, that Volt Specter’s Electric Shields were a godsend, as it allowed me to get regular critical hits on the Wolf – the one thing he is not immune to.

It only took about 2-3 minutes to kill the Wolf. And considering how the Volt Specter basically won that fight and came out of it mostly unscathed, I don’t think I needed to worry too much. Then again, he could have targeted the objective rather than the Volt…

The Wolf becomes a threat when he decides he wants to kill the current objective, like a Warframe Cryopod or a Console in a Mobile Defense, or the recently freed hostage in a Rescue mission. But he’s only really a threat because he will try and kill those things and not everyone has the tools to take the Wolf down quickly. And it seems that, just like the Stalker except more rare, the Wolf attacks people who are leveling things up.

Apparently, just as I scheduled this article, an update came out that made the Wolf far less tanky. But that doesn’t stop his other problem. That he’s rare.

The Wolf is far, far rarer than the Stalker is. In the last 5 weeks, I have seen about 20 Stalker attacks compared to two Wolf attacks. But the Stalker appears somewhat regularly and you can earn more Stalker marks by killing bosses. The Wolf just appears (in exactly the same way, with a Stalker-like message and then suddenly appearing), and worse, he has unique, time-limited weapon parts that he NEVER SEEMS TO FUCKING DROP.

Seriously, the Wolf has only ever dropped one thing for me, Molten Impact, a melee mod that adds fire damage. A very, very common melee mod. The same crap Stalker has a chance to drop. But at least Stalker is slightly more fun to fight, even if he does just evaporate when faced against a team of veterans. And Stalker attacks seem to be higher than normal.

The Wolf though? He’s just a lumbering brute. If anything, his fellow Saturn Six prisoners are more of a threat, because they spawn more regularly and have some devastating fire attacks. Sure, the Wolf’s spawn chances are supposed to increase over time, but he’s still rare as heck.

And for something so damn rare, you’d think he’d drop better loot.


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