Death of the Cetus Wisp – The Plains of Eidolon Remaster

Boom! Mainline update almost out of nowhere. Sure, we were told that a remaster for the Plains of Eidolon, but we weren’t really told about the details of it.

Most of the changes are to the Plains themselves, improving LODs (levels of detail), adding more trees and making the Plains more friendly to K-Drives, so people bored of Fortuna and the Orb Vallis can tear shit up in the Plains instead. Conservation was added to the Plains, alongside a new little creature which I swear is a cross between the current birds and mice you already find on the Plains. Master Teasonai finally has a use in Cetus once you’ve bought all the Kubrow and Kavat skins, and he now sells conservation stuff. But Plains hunting is actually a bit better than Orb Vallis hunting since you don’t need to find piles of poop to start, you can just tranquilize the rodents you normally see running around.

Of course, now that murdering the local fauna is frowned upon, the loot they drop has been moved elsewhere, namely the pigments used for Dojo colours. Have fun fighting Kuva Jesters for that white dye…

On top of that, A new enemy was also added, the Tusk Thumper, which comes in three difficulties and can spawn on the Plains. These guys, teased ages ago, are like mini boss fights, fast-moving enemies with weak points that you need to shoot. Like the Exploiter Orb, they also give lots of Plains of Eidolon loot, as well as a chance at a new blueprint for some Grineer-themed sparring weapons. I always liked sparring weapons, and now we have a sparring weapon for every faction.

There are other boons as well. The loot the Thumpers drop will come in handy for making Zaws and Amps, but you no longer resources for Arcanes. The Arcane blueprints you could buy from Hok or the Quills have been replaced with the full Arcanes, so you don’t need to sit there and craft them one at a time. Any Arcane blueprints you have are to be converted into full Arcanes.

What’s more important though, to me at least, is the huge reduction in the need to obtain Cetus Wisps.

I’ve mentioned before that Cetus Wisps are cunts. Awkward little floating buggers that are hard to obtain in good numbers without a booster. The easiest way to farm wisps is to go to the Plains at night with an Itzal Archwing and visit every single large pond or river, while also hoping a Smeeta Kavat gives you double loot. You needed like 100 of them to build the Magus and Virtuous Arcanes and at least 30 just to make a basic amp. But now all those wisps required in blueprints require Eidolon Gems (i.e. Heart Nyth and Radian Sentrium), and those are much, much easier to farm now due to the new mining mechanics released alongside Fortuna.

The Plains of Eidolon in stormy weather
The Plains of Eidolon in stormy weather

There was also one final addition I think that’s worth mentioning. Double Energy Colours. You can now select two energy colours on anything that has a Forma on it, as well as items connected to things with Forma on them. Which is great except for the fact that none of my Warframes have Forma on them. Because I’m a twat.

Welp, I’m going to go and forma my Volt Prime.


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