A Long List of Little Things I Want In Warframe

Ages ago, I had an idea for a series of articles about things I wanted. I sat on the idea for ages though because I honestly didn’t really know how to do it. The original article was going to be about Elder Scrolls 6, with me loudly arguing about wanting the game to happen in Elswyr or Black Marsh, simply because Bethesda have already pulled off incredibly cool, alien landscapes in previous games. Then it all fell apart when TES6 was teased at E3 because clearly it wasn’t going to be set in either place. At the same time, I wanted to do one of these articles for Warframe, but at the time, I didn’t really know what I wanted.

Now, I think I have a slightly better idea of what I’d like.

Here’s a list of minor Quality of Life changes that I really want for Warframe.

A Universal Warframe Vacuum of more than 3m

Fun fact: there IS a universal vacuum in Warframe but it’s so small it’s useless. It’s supposedly 3m in diameter but it really doesn’t feel like it. The tiny range doesn’t feel nearly as bad as it used to now that Kavats, Kubrows and MOAs can all use a variation of Vacuum, but still, it would be nice to not have to drag a companion along just so you can pick up more loot.


In the back of your ship, in your Personal Quarters, there’s a small platform on which you can kneel and look out inquisitively into the depths of space. But behind that though is a perfectly good sofa that NEVER GETS USED. There’s no reliable way for your Warframe OR your Operator to ever actually sit on it. But I also want more options fo sitting down. Sure, there’s the Sit, Kneel and Meditate gestures, but we should be able to sit cross-legged on the ground or even lie down if we want to!

A button that goes from Navigation to Arsenal and vice versa

Have you ever looked at a mission or an alert or a fissure and thought “I’m not using the right frame for this”? I have, and its quite obvious since your chosen Warframe is often sitting in the middle of your screen. Sure, there’s a Change Loadout button available, but that just lets me select a specific loadout to use. But not everyone has a loadout for everything and sometimes you might want to just tweak your loadout a little – maybe swap out a weapon or something. A button that zips you back and forth between your Arsenal and your Navigation, the two most-used areas in your ship, would come in really handy.

The ability to see reactant on the ground even when you have all 10 reactant

Sometimes you just don’t see all the reactant. Your squad mates might be at 10/10 reactant but you just haven’t found it yet, possibly because you spawned in after they all did. But the thing is, your team mates can’t help you. After they hit 10, they can no longer see any reactant. Why? Who knows? So why not just make it so you can still see reactant, even if you have all 10, just so you can mark it out to team mates.

Something that tells you which relics are currently vaulted

Speaking of relics, there’s so many Prime items now that it’s hard to remember which ones are currently available in relics and which ones are vaulted. The only way to know currently is to see what’s in a relic and remember what’s vaulted, but that’s not very helpful when you’re quickly trying to pick a new relic in an endless mission. Just a small icon, indicating that you can’t obtain the relic in question any more, would go a long way.

The ability to tell your pets to stand still for a moment

I know they’re just animals (and digital animals to boot) but why the hell can’t I give them basic commands? Sure, a Kavat would probably just ignore you and continue electrocuting itself on that rail on Grineer Shipyard Defense maps, but surely we can give Kubrows and MOAs the ability to stay, right?

An Augment slot

There are so many augments these days and there’s nowhere near enough room for them. Not in mod capacity but in mod space, as you can only ever equip 10 mods on a Warframe, two of which are reserved for Auras and Exilus mods. Which is a shame because a lot of mods are quite cool. Just look at the new Nidus mod which gives you 15 seconds of increased crit chance if you hit 4 enemies with Virulence! A cool, interesting mod that you might not fit into a build. Or how about my own (slightly outdated) Volt build, which sacrifices two slots for two augments?

The easy solution would be to make the Exilus slot into an Augment slot, but a whole new separate slot, similar to Arcanes, would be better.

Melee weapons for Space Kids

Honestly, this isn’t a quality-of-life sort of thing at all, but come on, wouldn’t it be cool as heck if our Operators had melee weapons made of Void energy? Amps are kinda interesting but they’re mostly just weird Sentient things strapped to our arms. If we can strap sentient stuff to our arms to make guns, surely we can make things like swords and axes as well?

There’s probably tons of other quality of life things that we could add to Warframe (like, you know, a better modding tutorial) but that list would probably go on forever.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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