The Weirdness of Vox Solaris

A lot of things in Fortuna and the Orb Vallis are very similar to things in Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon. Really, the biggest differences are that Fortuna has its own skateboarding syndicate and that there isn’t a boss that wanders around – you have to go into a specific instance to fight the Orb Vallis bosses. When it comes to Syndicates, Vox Solaris is pretty damn similar to the Quills, but it feels out of place.

Quill Onkko’s little base is very hidden away, somewhat off the beaten track. It’s not even accessible until you’ve finished the War Within and are capable of switching to your Operator. It’s literally just a cave, but it’s a magic cave that doesn’t let normal people in. Even if you do Saya’s Vigil, you need to finish the War Within, at which point you can go back to your roots on Earth and begin making your Operator more powerful.

The base of Vox Solaris is hidden away in a backroom. This backroom is instantly accessible, even if you’ve just arrived in Fortuna. You can waltz right in there as your Warframe and talk to Eudico or Little Duck, while Thursby and the Biz stand around looking pretty. Unless you have reached max rank with Solaris United, you only get short snippets of conversation from Eudico or Little Duck.

Little Duck refuses to talk to you if you're not an Operator, claiming that the Quills "would have mentioned your name". Despite the fact that they do know you by name.
Little Duck refuses to talk to you if you’re not an Operator, claiming that the Quills “would have mentioned your name”. Despite the fact that they do know you by name.

Little Duck in particular, the bitch that she is, refuses to speak to you unless you switch out to your Operator, insulting your Warframe in the process. A new player alone in that room might not know that, but considering how you’re in that back room with a large number of other players, it’s insanely easy to spot an Operator talking to Little Duck. Really, her insults make no sense either – she’s more robot than a Warframe is. Warframes are organic, probably human matter forged into flesh and steel. Little Duck is a human head in a robot body.

Eudico though, she’s something else. She can magically teleport back and forth from the main hall of Fortuna into that little back room. I find it odd that they put her in the room in general. Sure, she’s the voice of Solaris United and her Nef Anyo in a Box impression scares the shit out of the Corpus, but the teleportation back and forth is nonsensical, especially when you’re not max rank with Solaris United yet. Eudico will just be sitting in there, rather exposed, telling you to come back later when you’ve done… more bounties with Eudico…

Uh, yeah… Maybe the Eudico outside should be replaced with a hologram when you’re done with Solaris United standing…

But really, that backroom isn’t very secret at all. It’s just off the main path and is obviously a door. It’s less hidden than the fucking elevators that go up and down to Ticker. It’s less hidden than the Ventkids! You can see Tenno wandering back and forth from it. And that worries me greatly because the backroom is supposed to be super duper secret and hidden from Nef Anyo’s eyes and ears, but it really isn’t. It’s just begging to be suddenly destroyed.

And that’s just the location of Vox Solaris. There’s other weirdness to be had as well. Like how you have to be max rank with Solaris United to be able to do Profit-Taker heists but can enter that room whenever you want, while also being free to do Exploiter Orb fights whenever you want as well. Most of the Profit-Taker stuff isn’t even really that secret, it’s loud and obvious and clearly Nef knows what’s going on.

Vox Solaris is just weird in general and too out in the open. No wonder everything went to shit in Deck 12…


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