Medic goes to Cyprus Comic Con 2019

It is just past 7 in the morning. I am in a holiday apartment in Nicosia. I am wearing a heavy costume with a mask. I look cute as fuck. And I am going to publish this unfinished. Why? Because I’m getting ready to go to Cyprus Comic Con 2019. And that means I’ll be updating this article as I go along.

There wasn’t a Cyprus Comic Con in 2018 because August is too, too fucking hot. April is way cooler but there is always a risk of rain. It actually rained yesterday, funnily enough. We had to go to set up yesterday because my mum is actually exhibiting her art! Yep, she got approved to have a stand at Cyprus Comic Con in the artists’ section.

Anyway I’m just getting ready. I will update this later, complete with time stamps. I’m doing this on my phone, so please excuse typos.

See you in a bit!

8:45am – It hasn’t started yet but we are having fun pretending to kill each other. The VIP people arrive at 9am but people are still setting up. We look horrifying.

9:32am – After waiting for sister to stop geeking out at the K-Pop stand, VIP people are slowly trickling in. I had a quick chat with the people who run the Pokemon Go community, who are stationed next to the K-Pop stand. Anyway we have registered for the cosplay contest tomorrow and we are… Numbers 1-4. We are literally going on to be judged first. Holy shit.

10:38 – There aren’t that many cosplayers BUT THERE WAS A HEAVY WEAPONS GUY! WITH A MINIGUN PROP THAT SPUN AROUND! We wandered the main shopping hall making people laugh as we’d randomly break out into fake fights. There was a really weird thing with a local bank asking to take pictures of people and putting them on ‘bank heroes’. Yeah. Anyway we’re taking a quick break because it is really hot right now.

11:18 – Wandered around the artists’s section and looked at some cool shit. Twisted Dark was a (somewhat) locally made comic that was actually really cool. Brother bought volume one and I signed up for the newsletter because why not. We ran into a wizard who was handing quests and he reward us with sweets! We also met Ross Mullan, who has done tons of work on Game of Thrones. We all said that Cyprus is a pretty small place and he said that’s what people in Austin, Texas said too. We’re a tad smaller than that but he’s seen smaller.

It’s actually not hugely busy. Still fucking hot though. Mum sold a t-shirt, which is cool.

Oh, I didn’t say what we are dressed as. Well, it starts with G and ends in Angbeasts.

12:38 – We wandered around a bit more, still beating the crap out of each other and pausing to take a professional photoshoot. Which was hilarious because we look so derpy. We keep on bumping into the wizard who is handing out gifts and posed with some kawaii Trap Squad folks – cute military guys. Who recognised us as Pyro, Medic and Harley Quinn in 2016.

Unfortunately I went hypo so we got an early lunch. Hotdogs yay!

13:18 – After a brief shower, the sun came out! The other three got bubble waffles and ice cream. I got funnel cake. Because why not?

14:12 – Trying to decide whether to enter a small PvP Pokemon Go event. I submitted a picture of a meltan and my cat to the group and they have it hanging at the Pokemon Go stand.

14:37 – Smash Bros tournaments are actually a lot of fun to watch. I’m not a fan of fighting games but Smash Bros is fun. Still, the tagline “Everybody is here!” is a lie.

15:13 – Bought some Pokemon cards on a whim. I swear 60% of the main hall is bloody Funko Pops. Mostly of Game of Thrones and Fortnite characters.

16:32 – There was a shiny white Kuyrem in the Pokemon cards but apparently shinies mean fuck all in Pokemon cards. Sadly I was 10 seconds too late to get a spot in the sword fighting workshop so I’m just gonna watch. Saw two people I know from the local Pokemon Go group and made friends with the guy who runs the main Cyprus Pokemon Go community.

17:53 – I don’t know whether there are less people or they are all spread out more. Sun is starting to go down. Apparently longswords were never razor sharp, they were just edged enough to hurt others. Also watching my brother get pummeled with a longsword is fun.

18:18 – I wish I got to do longswording. In a random lul, I open Pokemon Go and get lucky friends with my brother.

18:40 – Mortal Kombat 11 looks as bloody as ever. Bro beat me but it was damn close. I picked a random character that looked like a Predator but wasn’t.

19:28 – We watched a fight in full medieval armour and it was fucking awesome. Wasn’t historically accurate but was still awesome. Brother caught a shiny Shuckle and I caught the same shiny Shuckle. I’m going to go and do a raid as well with a few Pokemon Go players who are here at Comic Con.

20:47 – Last hour was interesting. Went and did the raid (no shiny Latios) and then rushed back because suddenly everyone wanted to go home. The afterparty had just started and the staff were suddenly locking up the main halls. Sister’s BF strained his groin and mum was tired. Plus the afterparty music was shitty remixes. Then it started pouring with rain so it was a rush back to the car.

We decided to head back to the apartment but Google Maps is the worst in Nicosia – it is completely unaware of the myriad of retarded one-way roads. Nicosia why do you have so many no-entrance signs?

So, to conclude, I’m back at the apartment. Day 2 will feature the amateur cosplay contest so I don’t know if I’ll be writing much.

Have a good one!


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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