A Dumb Gang Beasts Chicken Goes to Cyprus Comic Con 2019 – Day 2

It’s 9am on a Sunday and I am standing in the middle of a rather empty outdoor food court. It’s really, really quiet here. Like, really quiet. The event is supposed to be opening for early access VIP folks now but it’s quuiiiiieeeettt. Anyway, I’m here for day two of Cyprus Comic Con 2019, and just like yesterday, I’ll be updating as we go along. Hopefully every hour, but we’ll see how it goes.

9:26 – Tried Apex Legends. Found it boring as fuck. Got disconnected (literally, connection died) from my squad, but all I did was wander around in a generic landscape for 5 minutes. I never liked battle royales and in my brief gameplay I didn’t see anything that made me want to play further.

9:55 – About to try a zombie-themed escape room. Not a fan of escape rooms but oh well.

10:29 – Well we became zombies. We got to the last puzzle before running out of time. It was mostly just finding numbers to make combinations to open locks. It was fun, especially when the lone zombie scared the shit out of sister. I don’t think I was taking it seriously enough because I kinda ignored the zombie.

Bought a €20 mystery box. Contained a t-shirt, a funko pop of James Bond, some Rainbow Nerds and a sniper rifle keychain. Probably worth about €10 total.

11:22 – Watching a demonstration on medieval weapons and fighting. By far one of the best and most informative thing here!

12:14 – There is a Dota 2 Auto Chess tournament of all things. I’m not really getting how it works though because it’s not a lot like chess at all. Except for the fact that it’s on a chess board. There is a lot of buying pieces, placing them then having them fight a wave of enemies and using the winnings to buy more.

The Dota 2 characters though are way, way cooler than I remember.

13:03 – After watching a Smash Bros tournament, I am kinda just wandering around. Lots of expensive things to buy and fucking Funko pops every fucking where. I don’t like their dumb heads! The bodies are cool but the heads are cold and dead. Kinda getting bored now.

15:04 – Sitting at mum’s stand, trying to help her sell some prints. It’s interesting who wants to buy these strange, twisted, almost nightmarish images – women. Young women. A few men too, but mostly women. The thing is, I’m 27 and other people’s ages no longer make sense to me. Are they really young or am I imagining things?

It doesn’t help that mum is wedged between two insanely well known locals.

15:27 – I really want to try the sword and shield workshop but the last thing I need is to get hot, bruised and sweaty before I go o  stage as a Gang Beast and beat up my siblings…

17:00 – A bit later… You might have wondered where I was. Well, I was getting ready to go on stage for the cosplay masquerade. Except it wad delayed. So I suffered for half an hour in a massive felt onesie in the shape of a chicken. We were the first lot on stage, so to ease everyone in, they brought on us four plus two more. I mean, you kinda have to when there’s four wrestling animals on stage. I wasn’t nervous at all. In fact, I was more worried about falling off the steps on the way back.

10/10 would do it again. Judges probably thought we were retarded though…

We’ll be on stage again for the final results at 19:00. Hopefully.


19:52 – No, we didn’t win the costume contest but we met a fucking awesome Khajiit. We also chatted with Heavy Weapons Guy and a couple of Witcher women and generally made everyone laugh. We may not have won the prizes but we won everyone’s hearts. We also tackled the announcer, which made everyone laugh.

Soon we’re going to help mum pack up her stand. Yesterday’s crowds were mediocre but it was better today.

Was fun.

20:48 – On my way home now.

22:22 – I’m home. And off to bed. Good night.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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