A Bunch of Reasons Why You Should Go Farm for Volt Prime Right Now

Volt Prime got released from the Prime Vault alongside Loki Prime on April 30th and I’ve already gone and started farming relics for him. And you should be out there, blitzing around the Void, farming relics and getting yourself a Volt Prime as well!

Why? Here’s why!

1. Volt Prime is a Straight Upgrade!

As much as I love Volt, his base stats are really, really bad. Low energy and non-existent armour make him insanely squishy. Volt Prime on the other hand has one of the highest energy pools in the game, literally double what Volt has! As for armour? Volt Prime’s armour is 100 compared to Volt’s measly 15 armour. That’s OVER SIX TIMES the amount of armour normal Volt has. Volt Prime’s buffs means he can use a multitude of defensive mods far more effectively than Volt can.

Volt Prime

2. It’s been bloody ages since we last saw him!

Volt Prime has been vaulted for so long that it became insanely expensive to obtain him. You either had to rely on a handful of mediocre relics Baro Ki’Teer brought about half a year ago or hope that you were playing with someone who was playing over a hear ago before Volt Prime got vaulted and actually had some relics for him. While Frost, Ember, Nova and Mag have been pretty reliable in their unvaultings, Volt Prime was among the select few that were insanely hard to get up until now. Since we don’t know when Volt Prime will return, it’s better to farm for him now.

3. Volt has a place in current end-game metas.

Funnily enough, Volt actually has a place in various end-game locations. While he might not be as effective as Saryn in Sanctuary Onslaught, you can build a pretty good build for him with just a single Forma and still do tons of damage. But Volt shines most in Eidolon Hunts, as he is the ONLY Warframe capable of buffing the damage Operator Amps can do with his Electric Shields. Since Volt Prime is an upgrade to Volt, it’s worth grabbing him now so you can take advantage of his strengths later on.

Volt Prime with Volt colour scheme
I have a thing for turning up the saturation.

4. Volt is a really good generalist Warframe.

I’m not going to say that Volt is the best at everything, because he isn’t. But Volt has his fingers in a lot of pies. He can do damage, he can do crowd control, he can defend things and he can do FAST really, really well. In fact, I have a multitude of builds for Volt Prime, including some that require NO Forma what so ever! In fact, my old dual-augment generalists build is still usable to this day, even if I use a more expensive variation of it now.

5. Even if you don’t like him, his blueprints might be valuable later.

Since Volt Prime has been missing for so long, it’s possible that his prime blueprints might have some value later. Before the announcement of the Prime Unvaulting, Volt Prime sets went for 200-300 platinum on PC, and because he had never been properly available on Switch, sets went for OVER 1000 PLATINUM. Of course those prices won’t remain so high, but half of trading is playing the waiting game, so you might as well grab what you can and hold onto it.

I did up the saturation on this picture in Captura, but eh, still looks nice.
Okay this is a picture of normal Volt but my point still stands.

6. I’ll help you farm for Volt Prime!

Yep. If you can’t face doing Void missions on your own, I’ll help you farm Volt Prime, because I need more Volt Prime sets myself. After all, my Volt collection (currently 5 Volts and 1 Volt Prime) won’t build itself! So if you want help, pop over to the Daily SPUF Discord, send me a message and if I’m online, I’ll help you through some otherwise rather lonely Void missions! Alternatively, send a message to Retvik in Warframe and if I’m not in the middle of a mission, I’ll invite you to join my farm.

Okay maybe not now. I’ve completely run out of Volt Prime relics, so I can’t really help any more.

Really, you have no reason not to get Volt Prime.

No, I’m not biased.

Go get yourself a Volt Prime already. Even if you already have one.

An awesome Volt and an awesome Zenistar
It’s worth it.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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