Finally! Time for revenge! Time to fight the Wolf, the cowardly bastard that he is! One of my biggest complaints about Nightwave was how we so rarely ever got to fight the Wolf himself. I have captured tons of his fellow prisoners, the bitchy, molotov-throwing scumbags, but I only actually met the Wolf a grand total of 10 times, only twice of which he actually dropped any loot that was worth even picking up. But now, with the Wolf Hunt Tactical Alert, we can reliably fight the Wolf!

The Wolf gets a Sentient hat as an upgrade.
The Wolf gets a Sentient hat as an upgrade.

The Wolf though does not go down easy though. There are two fights to be had, a level 20-30 easy fight which gives you 10 Nitain the first time you defeat him. The low level fight is pretty easy, to the point that when I did it, we basically 2-shot him. Then again the entire squad was filled with angry MR20+ Tenno who were desperate for revenge, wanting to smite the Wolf for his weeks of never actually showing up. Still, even at a low level, it was pretty chaotic as the Wolf had managed to get himself a bunch of roller ball turrets (freshly stolen from the prisons of Saturn Six) and all his prisoners had been armed with all the fire bombs one could dream of.

The second version of the Wolf Hunt has way higher enemies. They start off at level 50-60 but quickly scale upwards, to the point that the Wolf you meet at the end is level 115.

It’s not a complicated fight. You run through the same tileset used for Sargus Ruk (same final area and everything), murdering every enemy as you do so. Occasionally the Wolf will appear and you have to kill him and clear the rest of the room to continue. Finally you’ll meet the Wolf and a TON of Saturn Six prisoners in the same place you’d normally fight Sargus, you whittle the Wolf down and then he dies the same way the Stalker does, disappearing off rather than properly dying. Piece of cake at level 20-30, not so much at level 50-60.

Levels aside, the fight is insanely chaotic. Each room is filled with Saturn Six prisoners and rolling turrets and there is fire EVERYWHERE. To the point that I actually put Arcane Ice (a chance to ignore fire damage) on one of my squishier Warframes. Even the low level mission can catch you off guard because the Saturn Six folks will throw molotovs at you constantly and they leave puddles of fire everywhere.

The Wolf VS The Angry Kitty Valkyr
The Wolf VS The Angry Kitty Valkyr

But the difficulty really isn’t a problem! Because it’s a boss fight! A normal assassination mission! Normally, meeting the Wolf is stressful because you’re busy doing something else and are probably not properly geared up for a Wolf fight. In this assassination mission though, if things are going badly, you can struggle on until the end or just leave, alter your loadout and try again!

Which is awesome because there’s loads of different loadouts I’ve wanted to try. The Wolf is somewhat resistant to Warframe abilities but that doesn’t stop me trying to murder him with everything from Archguns to stacked Volt shields to max-damage Chroma to literally clawing him to death as Valkyr.

Actually, Valkyr is a ton of fun against the Wolf. It’s the battle of the ages, CAT VS DOG. Plus Valkyr makes short work of most of the enemies you’ll come across and is easily accessible. Other great choices include Rhino, Nezha and Chroma, but Excalibur’s a good choice too.

Honestly, this tactical alert is great. A fun, repeatable boss fight. And a chance to FINALLY farm for loot without having to rely on a 6% chance that a specific enemy might spawn…


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