Bad Bloody Luck

I have had the worst fucking luck lately. Everything has gone wrong and I’ve got the worst of everything. Frankly, it’s beginning to piss me off, so I’m going to rant about it a little.

Let’s start with the Pixelmon server I normally play on. Because holy shit my luck there has been the worst. This server has a voting system (many Minecraft servers do) and you vote for the server and earn in-game rewards. With every vote, you also earn some Vote Credits, and you can save them up to buy a Legendary or a Random Legendary. Most of the Legendaries are more expensive than the Random Legendary. In fact, ALL of them are worth at least 250 Vote Credits aside from 3: the Legendary Birds, who are worth fuck all because they are so easy to obtain.

Now, I could have just spent 250 on a Groudon, but nope, I made the mistake of listening to the overwhelming majority, went with a Random Legendary… and ended up with a Moltres. Literally the worst thing I could have got. Also the same legendary I got the last time I got a Random Legendary.

I should point out it took nearly 2 months to get those 250 credits.

To make matters worse, you might recall that I’ve been fishing for Cosmog. I never realised how much I’d fished though. About 9700 successful catches and STILL nothing. My lucky cunt of a brother got Cosmog in under 300 catches. After he laughed at me for getting another Moltres.

Oh, going back to that voting system, after a server gets 120 votes, a random legendary can spawn. The last 4 times I’ve been around when that random legendary spawns, I’ve been in a desert biome, hoping to get a Groudon. The last 4 times, a legendary has spawned in a desert biome… just not the one I’ve been in. Considering how NO ONE on this server lives in the desert, it’s fucking annoying.

Of course, brother managed to get the last ‘vote legendary’ as well. He connected 1 minute before I did, caught the legendary (a rather rare Victini) and left.

To make matters EVEN worse, there were MULTIPLE events where tons of people got a TON of free things due to giveaways. I missed every single one of them by a couple of seconds.

Maybe I’d have better luck in Pokemon Go, right?


First off, 15 Groudon Raids during the Earth Day event and I didn’t get a single shiny OR a Groudon above 90%. Tell a lie, I DID get a good one but the game crashed and I was unable to get back in to catch it since the raid had expired. I’ve had a little more luck with Mesprit but I’m basically out of golden razberries because Latios, Giratina and Dialga ate them all.

When it comes to shinies, I’ve had even worse luck. I am STILL looking for a shiny Houndour. I’ve also not managed to get any event shinies outside of Shuckle or Buneary, which everyone else got. I didn’t even get a fucking shiny Diglett despite the fact that 1/3 Pokemon that spawned were Digletts. EVERYONE I know locally got one apart from me (apart from those who don’t play much at all). In fact, aside from Shuckle and Buneary (and community days, but everyone gets shinies on community days), I haven’t found ANY event shinies. Or any shinies in general.

I’ve also had 2 Detective Pikachus flee on me and all the ones I’ve obtained bar one have had IVs below 20%. The one good one I got with IVs of 84%? It’s 12 CP. Great.

Despite the fact I have 6 best friends with whom we exchange gifts daily, I’ve only had one lucky friend.

Then, on top of all of that, I nearly got run over the other day because some asshole decided to overtake on a zebra crossing. No, I don’t consider not getting run over ‘lucky’ in any way.

Over in Warframe, things haven’t been much better. I had to do too many damn runs to get the Wolf Sledge, after so long of not seeing the Wolf at all. In fact, in about 50% of my runs, I got absolutely nothing from the Wolf. Bad timing has also been pretty shitty as well, since I made the mistake of forma-ing things on a Sunday when I should have waited until Nightwave’s new acts came out. Same with the Sortie…

And don’t get me started on relics. I’ve been trying to get some uncommon parts for ages and have turned up with nothing.

You’d think my luck would be better in other games. Nope. I’ve had awful stuttering problems in Garry’s Mod, which is no help at all when making images for articles. My fancy microphone has decided to not work at all, relegating me back to my shitty in-built one. I couldn’t get Origin to install to even begin to download Apex. And Skyrim has started crashing. Again.

I suppose at least everyone else is happy. Brother got 1.5 million credits in that Pixelmon server and sister’s going to get a shiny Buneary. But I’m not happy in the slightest.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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