5 Cool Melee Weapons You Should Try

Destroying your enemies with fancy sticks is always a good way to pass the time. But there are a huge number of melee weapons in Warframe, so which ones are worth using? Which ones are good? And more importantly, which ones are fun?

Now, I’m of the opinion that you should try at least every main type of weapon, but for those who just want to use something fun, here’s five of the coolest and most fun melee weapons you can use.

An awesome Volt and an awesome Zenistar

The Zenistar

Of course the Zenistar is on this list. For a long time, the Zenistar was the reward for 300 logins into Warframe, which is a pretty long time. Now, assuming you haven’t already claimed the Zenistar, you can claim this beast of a weapon at either 100 days, 300 days, 500 days or 700 days, whatever you’re closer to. However long it takes though, the Zenistar is worth it. That spinning disc of death that you can launch during heavy attacks is amazing. What is also amazing is the Dynasty sword skin, which makes the Zenistar look like something from Monster Hunter, but that’s just additional coolness on top of an already awesome weapon.

Daggers with Covert Lethality

Daggers are honestly pretty shit in Warframe. They have no range, little damage and varying attack speeds. But with a single mod, Covert Lethality, they can murder almost anything instantly. Covert Lethality gives 100% extra damage on daggers but also makes any finishing damage lethal. As in, you do a finishing move on someone with a Covert Lethality dagger, they WILL die. Unless they’re over level 900, at which point scaling breaks and numbers begin to overflow. Still, this is a free ticket to murder everything instantly. You don’t even need someone fancy like Ash or Inaros to make use of Covert Lethality daggers. Excalibur, one of the starter frames, easily and regularly sets up enemies for finishers using Radial Blind.

Really, the hard thing is just getting the mod itself.

The Hirudo

Who likes punching things? Me! Who likes punching fast? Me! Who likes stealing health each time you get a critical hit? Everyone, surely! Sure, the Hirudo, like all sparring weapons, is short ranged and only middling when it comes to damage, but it makes up for that by being super fast, super heal-y and just all round awesome. Its mastery requirement is also pretty low (MR7) meaning it’s an early form of healing that you can get pretty easily. All you have to do is punch enemies in the head.

Redeemer and Sarpa

Why just shoot things or stab things when you can do both with the Redeemer and the Sarpa? Charge attacks with these weapons shoot bullets, which is awesome. What’s even more awesome are the fancy combos that come with both weapons. But the gunblades aren’t all about style, they have their own niche uses as well. Using Shattering Impact, you can use the projectiles from gunblades to easily lower enemy armour, without having to run up to potentially dangerous enemies and melee them.

And now that Redeemer Prime exists, there’s even less of a reason to not give these gunblades a try.


The Skiajati is the reward, alongside Excalibur Umbra, for finishing the Sacrifice quest. It looks like a normal Nikana. In fact, most of the time it is a normal Nikana, aside from the unique Umbral Polarities it has, allowing it to use Sacrificial Pressure and Sacrificial Steel. But it’s also got a hidden power. By getting a stealth kill, you turn invisible for a few seconds.

Which is fucking badass.

Umbra and Skiajati
Umbra and Skiajati

Sure, there’s loads of other cool melee weapons. I mean, the Paracesis for example goes up to level 40 and whips like the Atterax are insanely strong. But these weapons here are all cool and fun.

And sometimes cool and fun are way more important.


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