Five Cool Secondary Weapons You Should Try

Secondary weapons are a very mixed bag in Warframe. Some of them are incredibly mediocre, some of them are insanely powerful. There’s a lot of stuff jumbled in between as well, but there’s only so many dual pistol weapons we can talk about. Today, we’re going to look at five cool secondary weapons you should try. They might not all be ‘meta’ weapons but they all have their own little niches.

The Hand Cannon: The Pandero

The Pandero is both a semi-automatic revolver-like weapon and a shotgun. I mean, physically, it makes no sense what so ever, since the clip/magazine/whatever you want to call it is right at the front of the gun, almost like a weird minigun or something. But no, it’s an 8-shot revolver that with an alternate fire that fires your entire clip at once. And it’s pretty good. Okay it’s not as good a shotgun as, say, the Pyrana Prime or the Euphona Prime but it’s still a great revolver and the shotgun element is also pretty awesome. It’s nice having the option to do both.

Excalibur and the Twin Grakatas
Excalibur and the Twin Grakatas

A Bullet Hose That Isn’t a Bullet Hose: The Twin Grakatas

I wanted to put the Dual Cestra here, I really did. The Dual Cestra is probably the more bullet-hose-y weapon but it’s just not very good. Every other bullet-hose secondary though gets through its clip too quickly. So I’ve just gone and picked the gun that has the most Dakka – the Twin Grakatas. The great thing about the Twin Grakatas is that, after a couple of forma, these things just work. Sure, you’ll need a Carrier or Secondary Ammo Mutation mods to keep your guns topped up, but it’s worth it. It’s also the only real dual secondary weapon made from a primary weapon.

The Gassy Bastard: The Pox

The Pox is a weapon you give to other people. Most notably NPCs. Because they have unlimited ammo. But the Pox is a fun weapon to use even when you don’t have unlimited ammo. It creates clouds of toxic gas that deal toxin damage to anything that passes through them. Normally you’re restricted to a small ammo pool and even smaller magazine size (after all these are bags of infested pus you are throwing) but NPCs like Rescue Operatives and Sortie Defense Operatives tend to ignore such limitations and go completely ham. You can also colour them green and use the Pox during Infested missions to scare the crap out of your team mates.

Hildryn and the Staticor and a Volt Specter with the Pox
Hildryn and the Staticor and a Volt Specter with the Pox

The Two-Hands Gravity Gun: The Staticor

The ability to fire bursts of super-heated air and energy in order to throw enemies around is amazing. Having that ability available in the palm of your hands is also amazing. The damage is also respectable, and since the Sonicor is no longer as ragdoll-y as it used to be, the Staticor is a fine replacement. My only issue is that you have to charge these for best results.

The Really Powerful One: Catchmoon Kitguns

Catchmoon is a type of Kitgun, available from Rude Zuud from Vox Solaris. You get a bunch of blueprints, build them, hand them to Rude Zuud and, for a small fee, she puts them together. The other types of Kitgun are rather simple – there’s a beam one, a single-shot revolver-style one and a bullet-hose one, but Catchmoon is basically a mini Arca Plasmor. However you build it. Seriously I build a really crappy Catchmoon Kitgun for mastery reasons and it’s still pretty damn good.

Really though, this list is just a taste of all the cool secondary weapons out there. Okay sure most of them are primary semi-automatic or automatic weapons with a dual-pistol variant, but there’s still plenty of cool secondary weapons.


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