Goofing Around in Video Games

With the amount of competitive engagements in both PvP and PvE games out there, it can sometimes get a little tiresome always trying to reach out to be the best of the best. So why not take a break from that and try to do fun stuff for once?

Sure, doing fun stuff might not be the most efficient thing available – or can even be borderline griefing if not done in the right way – but it ensures a fun time for (hopefully) everyone involved. Be it T-Posing on hoverboards with your squad in Fortnite, trying out new mods in Warframe that aren’t your usual slew of damage mods, or even whacky item builds in Dota 2 that have no right to win you the game whatsoever.

Who is to say that, in a Battle Royale with a hundred people, you can’t find someone who is willing to be friendly with you and not immediately shoot you on sight? Certain emotes and perhaps your usual crouch-walking from TF2 times might help indicate that, assuming they don’t shoot first. I’ve had my fair share of “temporary truces” in Solos, and it was quite hilarious at times.

sneaky hover text
Hell, you sometimes even need enemies to help you out for certain actions and achievements that are much easier to accomplish in large team modes.

For Warframe, why not try to use one of the many utility mods in the game? I’m sure everyone of you has Quickdraw lying around, or perhaps Ammo Mutation (which by the way works really well with a spammy Azima build). It also helps a lot that every weapon is viable if modded in certain ways, so one or two slots for a bit of utility can’t hurt, even in Sorties. Some game modes, like marathon endless missions, and certain other activities like Eidolon hunts (particularly “3×3 or more” hunts where you try to kill as many Eidolons in one night as possible) are a different thing, but you probably wouldn’t mess around, goof off and have some silly fun with a serious pre-made group to begin with… at least I hope you wouldn’t.

As for Dota 2, I’ve found myself in situations where I vastly outclass the enemy team (and my friends too), and instead of trying to end the game as fast as possible, I try to delay it as much as possible in an attempt to try out weird stuff. A good example would be my Windranger game a few days ago, where I tried to get a lot of Cooldown Reduction so I could perma-stun the enemy for all eternity… granted that they didn’t have any status resistance and I have enough mana regen to begin with.

Hey, I never said that fun wasn’t allowed to be at the expense of your enemies, even if they’re as human as your allies.

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