A Rounded Warframe Recommendation Collection

There’s a point in Warframe that you are capable of starting to obtain new Warframes but you don’t know which ones to go for or even whether you CAN obtain them. You most likely don’t have that many resources and you certainly don’t have many Warframe slots so you have to be careful which Warframes you work towards. So, because you probably have a limit on how many Warframes you can own, it’s good to focus on one good Warframe for various tasks that you need, from dealing huge damage to stunning enemies to being hard to kill.

To help with this, I’ve compiled a list of Warframes that are 1. great at their specified roles and more importantly 2. are easy to obtain and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Excalibur and Warframes speak to Lotus at Tennocon

The Room Nuker

The best weapon of mass destruction in Warframe is most likely Saryn, based on how much damage she can dish out to a room full of enemies, but Saryn AND Saryn Prime are both very hard to obtain. Saryn Prime is currently vaulted (aside from a bunch of alerts a while back that handed out Saryn Prime relics) and Saryn is a royal pain in the ass to obtain as you have to grind out Arena missions on Sedna to get a chance to even fight Kela De Thayme for a chance to obtain Saryn parts.

Volt on the other hand can be obtained via dojos. With a high range and high duration build, Volt can clear rooms rather quickly. You don’t even need Volt Prime, although Volt Prime IS a straight upgrade (and one of the few Warframes I recommend trying to get the Primed version for). That being said, I managed to take a normal Volt (no forma, with a potato and an exilus adapter installed) and complete wave 8 in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught using a very basic build. Whatever doesn’t die to the arcing electricity of Discharge can easily be finished off with a gun or another blast of Discharge.

The General Damage Dealer

Nuking rooms is great and all but you also need someone who can do good damage all the time, consistently. The way I see it, you have two choices. You either slaughter everything with Excalibur’s Exalted Blade or Valkyr’s Hysteria or you go for Gara with her Splinter Storm. Gara can be obtained somewhat easily via bounties on the Plains of Eidolon and has a nice range of utility, as well as being nigh untouchable and murdering all in her path with shards of glass.

The Healer

Trinity is the best healer in the game but these days, she is a genuine struggle to obtain since you need to farm Animo Beacons to be able to fight Ambulas, and the Ambulas fight is actually pretty hard and quick to mess up if you’re not prepared. On the other hand, Oberon may not have instant heals the way Trinity does, but his healing over time is genuinely pretty good as long as you have positive Power Strength (an Intensify will do) and Hallowed Ground is a great ability for removing status effects, providing a safe area in more stationary missions.

Oberon Prime may be vaulted right now but Oberon is quite easy to obtain, even if obtaining parts is somewhat random. If you can do Sorties, you’re basically guaranteed a full Oberon set from Eximus Stronghold missions. Most likely though you’ll passively gather Oberon parts over time.

The Crowd Control

This one was a bit of a hard choice because most of the best crowd control frames are pretty hard to get. But if you are capable of dealing with the Raptors on Europa, then Nova with a Slow Build is a pretty damn good crowd control frame, with the added bonus of making everything explode violently with a badass sound effect whenever enemies are caught in her 4th ability. With high range and duration, Loki and Nezha also provide good crowd control

The Tank

Funnily enough, when it comes to tanky Warframes, new players, at least ones with access to friends and dojos, actually have a good bit of choice. Rhino is by far the first frame you should consider, but Frost (available from Ceres) can be very tanky with the Icy Avalanche augment and both Nezha and Wukong are available from clan Dojos, which means you only need to farm for components. On top of that, Valkyr is also a very, very tanky Warframe and she’s available from Jupiter. All of these frames (apart from Frost) also don’t need many specific mods to be tanky either, all you need to do is put some health, armour, strength and maybe some efficiency on your Warframes.

The Stealthy One

Loki wins here, simply because he’s the easiest invisible frame to unlock. Sure Ivara and Octavia might be better, but the harm for them is much harsher. And Ash’s farm is nigh impossible as you have to find and kill Manics for him.

If you could only pick one easy-to-obtain Warframe for each of those main roles, then I would definitely go for Volt, Gara, Oberon, Nova, Rhino and Loki. Sure, they might not be the 100% best at their roles but you can at least obtain them pretty easily.


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