Dog Days – A Wet Warframe Tactical Alert

Warframe has a lot of weird things in it. It has flying backpacks that allow you to fly through space, it has pet dogs, cats and robotic birds, you can drive around on skateboards and do all sorts. Also, for some reason, for the next week or so, you can fight Grineer executioners with water pistols in a massive beach water fight.

Or, as drunk, gas-inebriated Kela De Thayme calls it, a waddafite.

Seriously, when Red Text popped up on a Friday evening talking about everyone’s favourite female Grineer boss being drunk and making puns about water pistols and stuff, everyone was confused and thinking they were joking. Nope, we genuinely got a tactical alert in which we kill Grineer with ‘modified acid throwers’ filled with water.


Oberon is nearly as confused about the rubber rings and water as we all are.
Oberon is nearly as confused about the rubber rings and water as we all are.

I mean, we got a custom map, every Warframe gets a cute little rubber ring to swim with and everyone’s given a water pistol to fight with. The water pistol is actually a modified and re-textured variant of the gun Nox enemies use to shoot toxic snot at you, but unlike those, these pistols need pumping to be charged up and fired and can be refilled at little springs scattered around the map.

There’s no real tactic to all of this though. Everyone has 100 health and there’s no abilities or Space Kids. Most mods don’t work and you have base health. Heavy Impact briefly worked, allowing you to knock down enemies, but that got changed. Some mods do work though – the speed mods all seem to work, as do some auras. Weirdly, enemy sense is off completely but Rejuvenation seems to work alright. Aero Vantage seems to work briefly but the funny way the water guns shoot means that it’s kinda hard to tell if you hit. Frankly though I’ve been using stupid builds like “super speed Loki” and stacking sprint mods.

There’s also some really nice rewards as well. Not only do you get a skin for the Redeemer, a noggle and a nice captura scene of the new Hydroid-themed relay (Excalibur-themed relay when?) but each fight you do, you get Nakak Pearls, which you can trade to Nakak on Cetus in order to buy a bunch of cool shit. There’s a colour palette with a beach theme, a couple of mods you can get from the normal Kela De Thayme fight and ‘roller floofs’ which are stuffed balls that can be put in your ship. These can be attacked by your pets, to much hilarity.

There’s also a captura scene of the beach area, which I really want.

Small issue though, these rewards are really, really expensive. Like, you need to do 20 runs of the highest difficulty just to get the captura scene, and each run is 5 minutes minimum. The prices might change, but even if you skip the mods, you still need a ton of Nakak Pearls. You get 50 from the highest difficulty and the basic roller floof alone is 300.

Still, it’s an awesome little event and I am enjoying it. Will probably end up burning myself out though. Because I need that Captura scene.


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